We should talk about the pistols

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I think it's a good topic, since most pistol are cool and they are all reliable. For that reason, I like to vary, but that's not effective rank-wise (lvl 40 and no pistol serice star yet). I have my thing with 9mm Berettas and it's copies, so I feel most confortable with the M9. When I play with LMGs and sniper rifles, I like to go with the Glock 17C (over the 18, I'm not much into gangsta machine pistols), for it's high ROF and capacity (plus laser), great for close quaters. I would guess that the 1911 is the best pistol in the game. It's powerful, surprizingly accurate and would still be the best if capacity was 7 + 1, but it's 8 + 1 (anyone knows why? any 1911 model with 8-round clip?). On a personal note, the MP-443 Grach/446 Viking is my favorite pistol, but I don't like the Grach in BF3. It just won't feel nor sound good (it's good though, maybe better than the M9). And they REALLY should have added H&K.; What's on your mind!?

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I've been practicing switching to my side arm and trying to start using it often (the batshit G18 automatic pistol), but it just doesn't cross my mind to use it that much. So i'm way away from having a pistol service star.
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The 1911 lacks in comparison to BC2. I have been using the REX mostly . Best balance between power and recoil. Customizable sidearms are one of the few things COD has to offer over BF3.

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The G17C Suppressed. All my weapons are suppressed. Don't like showing up on peoples mini map.

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Can you dual-wield side-arms in Battlefield 3? I apologize, I've been out of the multiplayer loop for such a long time.

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@Napalm said:

Can you dual-wield side-arms in Battlefield 3? I apologize, I've been out of the multiplayer loop for such a long time.


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I prefer the 1911 or 1911 Tac mostly.  Doesn't get much use other than after revives though, as I spend so much time in vehicles and trying to lvl my engie guns.  Anybody try out that scoped .44?  I loved it in Blops.
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I hate the 1911. Its ROF is too slow when you need it most. I've been using the MP443 Tact as my main sidearm. Decent ROF and plenty of ammo in the clip.

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Real men purely use the Scoped .44 Magnum.

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I love the 1911 in all forms. Forget the haters. the suppressed version is unmatched firing from the hip.

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44 mag all day.

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G18 is pretty good. Anytime I am using Recon it is my best friend. I got 4 or 5 kills when a squad tried to take a building I was sniping from with it. I don't think I could hit a wall from very far off though. Anybody that can use the scoped 44 for very long has my complete respect. I played against a guy that killed me A LOT with it one round so of course I had to see what it was all about and I think I died 5 or 6 times without killing anybody.

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I use the M1911 Suppressed.

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@MrKlorox said:

I hate the 1911. Its ROF is too slow when you need it most. I've been using the MP443 Tact as my main sidearm. Decent ROF and plenty of ammo in the clip.

I absolutely loved the 1911 in BC2, but I haven't been using sidearms much in BF3, so I don't know from personal experience if it's actually that much worse. The 1911 is a great handgun in real life, too -- seems kind of odd that they would nerf it that badly for BF3.

Keep in mind that I'm a weirdo and mostly play Hardcore, so maybe my adoration for the 1911 is based on its performance outside of the normal damage model that most people are used to.

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Too be honest, I personally just use what I have. Though since I recently unlocked the 44. I believe that's what I'm using as my back-up. But that's kind of what it is for me, a back-up. I really don't use a side-arm unless my clip has run dry or I'm out of ammo completely.

Though I remember the days of sniping in BC2 where I'd hit them then just whip out my pistol and gain an instantaneous pistol kill from afar. Much faster than pulling the bolt back on some guns, when honestly said.

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MP443 Tactical is my pistol of choice. It's got decent stopping power, a big mag for wild hip firing and the light to blind them. The 1911 lacks power compared to BC2 or I'd be all over it.

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I have become pretty partial to the Glock 18. It is not very easy to control the hop or see through the muzzle flash so I understand it can be discouraging. However, I've been able to pull off many triple kills with the thing if I get backed into a corner or quickly need some extra rounds to finish someone off. It takes some time, but it's worth learning how to use it.

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M93R is decent, but its not the mass murdering bullet hose that the G18 is. I'm pretty partial to the Grach, or the 1911 tactical though.

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I just started to use the M93R and its a pretty good back up when playing as Recon class, don't know how it compares to the G18 though as I haven't unlocked that yet.

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