What am I missing? Getting a 1 kill for every 19 deaths

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I'm not a terrible first person shooter (on the PC), and I can tangle with most people on Counter Strike 1.6 or Global Operations; but in this game I can't seem to kill anybody at all.

I've been playing on the PS3 for the past 3 days and am considering selling the game because it's just not fun to die 19 times every match.

Even when I get the drop on someone by some sort of miracle, he turns around and kills me easily despite emptying my clip onto his head.

Is this caused by the games unlocks? Do higher level weapons have more damage?

What am I missing here? Why does everyone seems to 1-shot me and I seem to be firing a potato gun?

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As andy brink Brinker said on Disney's classic flick brink. Skate better or in this case play better.

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Stop trying to kill people and be a support class.

Or people just have unlocked the higher tier weapons. they probably paid to unlock them.

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It honestly just takes practice and patience. Battlefield is a totally different animal from counter strike or call of duty or any of those "twitch" shooters. If you go slow, work as a team with your squad (reviving, healing, providing ammo, spotting, etc.) and just learning the maps and the in's and outs of how the game handles. It's a little more about animation priority and less about snappiness. Some weapons are definitely over powered and need some balancing but on the whole, any weapon can be really good once you unlock some of the attachments for it like scopes, fore grips help a lot with accuracy and heavy barrels help with damage. Just try and get a good squad and take it slow and you should see improvement

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@papuccino1: Recoil plays a HUGE part of Battlefield 3 and is one of the best ways to help you kill people better. You really need to blind fire the gun of your choice at a wall, figure out what the recoil pattern is (straight up, up and to the left, etc.) and then counter it when firing by pulling the opposite. There are some videos on Youtube that go into great detail about this concept and may help you out. I had the same issues with seemingly being unable to kill anyone and fixing the recoil problem really helped me out.

@mrt: Hah, way to be the only person I've ever seen reference Brink that isn't me.

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Didn't read the OP, but what I'll say from my time with Bad Company 2 is that it's a more strategic game compared to your standard CoD type thing (and more fun IMO). After playing and analyzing what other people do (and adding some of your own creativity helps as well), you should have a better time with the game. MY K/D ratio was pretty good from what I remember.

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Shoot that guy.

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