What Bit of Battlefield 3 is your Favorite?

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Poll: What Bit of Battlefield 3 is your Favorite? (58 votes)

Campaign 2%
Coop 5%
Vanilla Multiplayer 43%
Back 2 Karkand 29%
Close Quarters 5%
Armored Kill 2%
Aftermath 5%
End Game 9%

Singleplayer, Coop, Vanilla Multiplayer or Expansion? What is your favorite bit of Battlefield 3?

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For me, it's easily the content that came with the Aftermath expansion. Due to lock-on warfare and the often indirect nature of gadgets, I despise Battlefield 3's combined arms balance - infantry, land vehicles, chopper and jets just don't mesh in a way that's fun to me - battle often feels impersonal, like it's not been a fight. Aftermath's only got infantry and land vehicles and scout choppers, all which mesh together in a more personal fashion, and thus are much more fun to me.

Markaz Monolith is the most promising map in Battlefield history, and quickly became one of my all-time favorites. It's unprecedented verticality and spot-on mix between wide-open and tight spaces is simply amazing, and I feel like it's just the tip of the iceberg, as how far DICE will be able to go with urban warfare. Full-blown vehicular mayhem in a true metropolitan setting - here we come!

Since BF:BC 1, I much preferred Rush mode over classic Conquest, but something about BF3 made me sour on the formula. Likely it's the blinding lighting. Being locked into attacking or defending seeing nothing but sunglare makes my blood boil with rage. It also took but one mortar to the head, whilst disarming an M-COM, by a dude on the other end of the map, that I knew Rush in BF3 is no longer for me. Shame.

With that in mind, core rules large version maps 48-64 player Conquest is how I chose to play BF3, and Aftermath's the only expansion that doesn't get me foaming with rage from the mouth (outside of the utterly inoffensive Close Quarters maps, which are baller infantry-only maps - but thusly don't offer the full Battlefield experience). I also enjoy Back 2 Karkand and Armored Kill, but every so often some aspect of the combined warfare balance gets me so angry... best not to talk about it. Something about End Game really gets to me, more so than other expansions. A map like Kisari Railroad should totally be in my wheelhouse, but BF3 just manages to make me mad more often not, playing End Game maps.

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Tanks yo.

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@tennmuerti said:

Tanks yo.


Disclaimer: I just felt like saying word I don't really play Battle Field.

#4 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (954 posts) -

Putting c4 on jeeps then driving the jeep into the bad guys then jumping out of the jeep and blowing it up.

Then putting c4 on a jet then flying the jet into the bad guys and causing huge ass dumb explosions.

#5 Posted by Village_Guy (2479 posts) -

Tanks. Tanks. Tanks.

I want more and different vehicles and less on-foot stuff in my Battlefield.

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Jumping on UAV's and riding it to the top of a building. Before it was removed.

#7 Edited by Funkydupe (3305 posts) -

Vanilla works nicely for me. I think all vehicles as well as infantry gets the opportunity to shine.

I like stabbing people from the front as opposed to stabbing them in the back. It is way cooler.

I like welding enemy tanks/vehicles with my repair tool, and as they jump out, I jump in and steal their tank/vehicle. I hardly use them, so I almost immediately jump back out again. The enemy either tries to run away, blow up his old vehicle or jump back in as a driver as I usually jump out again in which case I repair/dismantle his ride. Either way I win.

I also like to attack & clear buildings. If a flag is inside or near a building then I'm in my element. I hate defending buildings and tend to move on to the next flag instead of just camping out.

My newest hobby is to shoot down helicopters, sometimes that's all I do. Often you see the same guys flying around and I learn how they respond to AA, and once I've learned their way of flying, I kill them until they stop flying.

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Will we ever be able to edit the first post after a poll? It's driving me nuts. Typos and structure and god knows what... GRRRR.

#9 Posted by Funkydupe (3305 posts) -

I thought the main appeal of Battlefield was that it provides several ways to play, as opposed to infantry-only fps games; I don't support that they're building "games within the game" by making expansions especially for tank enthusiasts, or especially for close quarter fanatics. Battlefield to me is a large map, with portions which are great for all the types there are; it should be a sandbox in that regard more than be directed and focused like we're seeing indications of in BF3.

BF4 should be like this: Here is a huge map. Go play!

#10 Posted by mosdl (3228 posts) -

I am enjoying CTF a lot, forces team play for defense/offense.

#11 Edited by Alexander (1721 posts) -

Jets mostly. CTF is great and Conquest on the vanilla maps is also great, apart from Metro.

#12 Edited by big_jon (5707 posts) -

Tanks, though they were better in BC2.

#13 Posted by HistoryInRust (6267 posts) -

Putting c4 on jeeps then driving the jeep into the bad guys then jumping out of the jeep and blowing it up.

Then putting c4 on a jet then flying the jet into the bad guys and causing huge ass dumb explosions.

Can't tell you how many servers I've been banned from for lacing C4 on unmanned jetfighters and triggering the detonator when a teammate spawns in and takes off.

So fucking worth it.

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Me and my buddy becoming beasts with the attack chopper, was really pissed off when DICE decided to take away the flares for the gunner, because we had a system down on lock and that balancing changed everything, we were a bit overpowered though.

#15 Posted by dannyodwyer (351 posts) -

The campaign wasn't very strong but that Parisian level was outstanding.

Damn, I really need to get Premium.

#16 Posted by evilrazer (480 posts) -

For me it would easily be Back to Karkand DLC, I was waiting to revisit old BF2 maps since BC1 came out and this is the most fun I had playing BF3.

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I think I love everything - infantry, tanks, helicopters, jets, you name it. It's all fun. That's the best part of BF: if you get tired of one role you can just switch to another mid-game.

I tend to gravitate towards jets on maps that have them because achieving air superiority on your own and then proceeding to rain death from above like a freaking thundergod is such a power trip.

But it's all good. As for my favorite part of how BF3 differs from the rest, I think it's in the infantry role though: movement and guns just feel that much better compared to the previous games.

#18 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -

I've recently been playing BF3 Vanilla with a group of friends on P.C after a long, long absence from the game. They all own the D.L.C, and tell me it's quality, but not worth the asking price in retrospect.

#19 Posted by Caustic_Fox (112 posts) -

I can't say much on the end of DLC's (Standard version), but multiplayer is probably the only thing thats keeping me playing. I completely forgot about the campaign after the first month of playing through it.

#20 Posted by Alexander (1721 posts) -

@gizmo said:

I've recently been playing BF3 Vanilla with a group of friends on P.C after a long, long absence from the game. They all own the D.L.C, and tell me it's quality, but not worth the asking price in retrospect.

Totally worth it if you bought Premium, not to mention it came down in price soon after release (PC version).

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I didn't play Battlefield 3 for long. I really didn't enjoy the way they made the combat so much more fast-paced than the types of firefights you would get in BC2. Also, the game really suffered from a lack of personality. Everything felt too cold and sterile.

That said, I got a little enjoyment out of the multiplayer. It definitely didn't keep me hooked though.

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