What did they do to the F35?

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so has anyone else had problems controlling the F-35? I don't know how it is on the other platforms but I find a nightmare to control on the PC. I like to use the arrow keys when i fly jets for sharper longer turns, but it is impossible to pull a sharp turn in the F-35, because the S key sends you in to that hover mode, and just kinda takes control away from you. I would like to change controls but I have heard people saying you cant do that? anyone have any solutions?

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I don't know of anyway you can change it but I wanted to comment on your post so you know you aren't alone. I hate turning in the F-35 as hover mode kicks in on those sharp turns like you mentioned. My solution: don't use it.

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If you want to decrease your throttle while avoiding hover mode, just let off the acceleration.

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Actually, I'm pretty sure that once your landing gear is up, you always cruise at a certain speed, irregardless of whether or not you have W pushed. You can press and let off of shift, but that's just the boost - what makes the F35 impossible to dogfight in is that other jets get the luxury of being able to hold S to get super sharp turns, while you do not.

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I guess the common misconception is, that DICE built the F-35 for flying. It seems to be built for hovering first and foremost. At least according to this 'how to' video. Didn't get around yet to do much of F-35 flying yet, due to being completely swamped with games. Between SW:TOR and BF3, there's just so much time for going balls deep. Looking forward to it, looks like tons of fun.

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@Seppli If that's the case, then DICE messed up the design because that isn't even close to balanced, let alone symmetrical. The only threat in this game to a competent jet pilot is another competent jet pilot, and if one sides jets just aren't as good at the task, then the other side's jets will never, ever die. From the face-wrecking I've been dealing out on Wake Island, this seems to be holding true (1000 tickets, 0 deaths, come at me bro) Basically, DICE needs to switch hover to a seperate control so the pilot can decide when to hover and when they actually just want to decelerate. Maybe hold the Afterburner key while decelerating?

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@Seppli: the video does help, but my main problem is with dogfight in that jet, is impossible to go up against another jet with the F35. also im not that upgraded in jets so i dont have all those perks as luxuries to do what he does. but i didnt know that thing could take environmental damage like though. hopefully this get patched soon. does anyone know if itll work better with an xbox controller? because i got on here i can plug in.

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The smart choice would have been separate keys, but tapping brake to slow down still works. Do it in first person and keep an eye on your speed.

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@Infininja Tapping doesn't work, as hover kicks in significantly before the Flanker's hard turn speeds. Just spent a couple hours on the server last night trying to figure the f35 out, but it seems that DICE only went halfway implementing vectored thrust on the f35, so hover mode only applies force toward the ground no matter what direction the thrusters are actually facing. This shuts down any dogfight maneuvers that might have made up for the loss of hard turns.

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There's definitely a difference in how the F-35 controls compared to the other jets. It's a lot harder to turn and reduce your speed without the jet automatically kicking into hover mode and screwing you up. It really just needs to be a separate button because I never try to hover in it anyway and I always feel like I'm at a disadvantage when I'm flying one.

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Just like in BF2 the F35 is way underpowered. Any other plane kicks its ass, I can't believe they didn't change it. In clan fights the side that doesn't have the F35 ALWAYS has a huge advantage. I thought maybe this game would have a higher focus on clan fights and balance it accordingly, but no. 
I'm disappointed. 
Anyway, I'm not going be as hardcore in this game as in BF2, so it doesn't really concern me. It still kind of annoys me though that DICE haven't listened to its players.

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