What do you think of the Close Quarters DLC?

#1 Posted by Thunderducky (31 posts) -

You can find the trailer here. I tend to play infantry most of the time, even on maps with vehicles, so I'm looking forward to it. I'll be interested in seeing how they handle largely interior environments.

#2 Posted by Ragnar (109 posts) -

I would be more excited about it except for one weapon: USAS

If it was a rumble with Tac lights and PDW's, then that sounds amazing. I expect that to happen sometimes, but I also expect a lot of cheese.

I'm more excited about Armored Kill because I like large maps. Large maps equal large distance between me and assholes.

#3 Posted by Schatzy23 (181 posts) -

I dont know how to feel about it yet. On the one hand, I love BF3 multiplayer for the chaos and destruction you can create in the matches. So with some close quarter combat about to happen, the destruction should be turned up to 11. On the other hand, I play BF3 because it offers something COD doesnt offer, which would be me in a tank, cruising across wide open spaces, knocking down trees, road blocks, other people, etc... I'll definately be picking up the map pack regardless I'm sure.

#4 Posted by Thunderducky (31 posts) -

What did you think about the new Conquest Domination mode? If I had to guess you'd have to do something like use a computer to capture the control point, kind of like how you arm m-com in rush.

#5 Posted by BigChickenDinner (787 posts) -

I just had a HUGE feeling of Déjà vu

#6 Posted by big_jon (6117 posts) -

Bad kids will rain supreme.

#7 Posted by believer258 (12688 posts) -

It looks fun, but I think it's taking a slightly too-big page out of Call of Duty's book. I am planning on trading in all of my CoD's save for 2 and 4 so I can get BF3 and all its wide-open, vehicle-driving, class-driven, flag-grabbing glory, NOT so I can play on some more twitchy close maps.

But this is just one map pack, so *shrugs*. If this were an announcement for BF4 and all of the new maps on it were going to be like this, however, I would be very disappointed.

#8 Posted by WMWA (1219 posts) -

I didnt think I would like it, but then I saw the latest trailer and something deep inside my head said, "You need to buy this. Holy shit, walls are falling." So yeah, thats pretty much where I'm at right now

#9 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1389 posts) -

I tend to not enjoy the larger more Battlefield style maps simply because you get a lot less action in them. Wandering around or running towards a flag for 5 minutes only to take a stray bullet or just die when you get there is sometimes not fun, especially when most of a 20-30min match consists of that. The smaller maps that offer more constant combat encounters that are also more favourable to you being ready to deal with them is why I like those a bit more. This DLC seems to be exactly that I truly want from the game so that's pretty cool.

#10 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

It made me vomit the lunch I had eaten earlier.

#11 Posted by Mikemcn (7406 posts) -

@AhmadMetallic said:

It made me vomit the lunch I had eaten earlier.

We've known about it for months and you're still vomiting? You should see a doctor!

I want it for the guns, that's about it, occasionally i get in the mood for some small team deathmatch or something.

#12 Posted by Ubersmake (771 posts) -

I don't know. I play BF3 for my open-space, combined-arms FPS fix. It's always fun to see an environment get totally destroyed; the city in Gulf of Oman is almost always completely leveled by the end of a match. So I'm slightly interested in it because matches could change depending on what is and isn't left standing mid- and late-match. But whether or not gameplay will change based on how much destruction has happened will determine whether I buy the map pack or not.

#13 Posted by Reale (273 posts) -

I am looking forward to it but at the same time a little worried :S either way. I would still like to see more old maps remade for BF3

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