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I'm new. I got BF3 for free with Playstation Plus, so take this for what you will...

I want to hit "Quick Match" and play a standard BF3 match, just like I did with BF:BC2. However, that has never happened yet. I hit "Quick Match" and get hit with this server that has about 9000 rules. I can't use a shotgun, I can't use this gun, I cant use that gun, I can't sneeze, I can't scratch my nads, I can't look up, I can't look down... I get banned from a server because this random "dude" says I'm "cheating." I come across a server where the clan dudes won't even the teams because they "want to kill with their friends." So it's 10 clan dudes against 5 random dudes "just cuz..." So we get raped 10 ways to Sunday....

I have no idea what is going on, but I've yet to hit "Quick Match" and have an enjoyable game... Now maybe I'm missing something, or am doing something wrong, or have no idea what's going on, but dayum... I'm about to never touch this game again. Is there a game mode I'm missing or something?

At least with anything before this game (Call of Duty, Battlefield Bad Company, or otherwise) I've never had this issue... /confused

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Try the server browser instead, and look for official servers. If they even still host them. They are vanilla and don't have admins.

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I guess that's what happens when you let dudes rent servers that have never been able to before. The power goes to their head.

just search via the server list for a server that fits your preferences.

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