What weapons (or tools) do you want to see?

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As the title says, what weapons or tools do you want to see in Battlefield 3?  These don't necessarily have to be kit/class or faction specific, but keep in mind the game is set in the modern day or very near future.  Some weapons are almost a given, the M16 family (M16 variants, M4) and various Russian weapons (AK-47, PKM, RPG-7) for example, but what do you think should be included?  Are there any you don't want (inb4 all sniper rifles)?

For me, personally, when it comes to unlocks I hope they keep it to a few per kit like they did in BF2.  That said, I'd like them to include some of the newer guns that are currently being phased into the US military.  Those would include the SCAR family and XM8 family of weapons, which in all honesty they'll probably include anyway.  I'd also like to see some English weapons like the L85 and some of the H&K guns like the G36 family.  Another would be the relatively new Israeli TAR-21, which was designed with urban combat in mind.
Come to think of it, I guess I basically just want BF2's line-up again with a few additions.  As for what I don't want, I hope they leave the tracer dart in BC2.  As fun as it is to arc rockets over walls and fences, the core franchise shouldn't really need that.

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I want the h&k 416/417. I want the psg-1. L96A1. AK 10X. The new chinese small arms. England's small arms.   
oh and sweet jesus, please have the new SIG 716 for the us. god damn.

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I dunno about the XM8 anymore. In BC2 and whatnot it was cool, but knowing that no one really uses the XM8 makes it feel weird.  

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Some kind of implementation of EMP or SCALAR (the name for it in Bad Company 2) weapons that stun vehicles and distort the view or soldiers for a couple seconds. Preferably in throwable or layable form like grenades or mines in the vein of 2142.
In general I want them to focus on things that inspire crazy, ultimate "battlefield moment" styled shenanigans more than they try to focus on sticking with strictly real-world technology.
edit: Also 2142's motion mines were a great game changer since escaping in a vehicle isn't the best option unless a squad-mate is equipped with Motion Mine Bait.

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you really know your guns!
i barely know a few rifle names so i cant really contribute to this thread :P

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I hope they go really modern. No M14 etc.

  • Basically the whole Heckler & Koch catalog, and all the weapons they co-designed (like the L85) G36 familiy, MP7 & UMP certainly 
  • PP-2000 (pretty gangsta ;) )
  • Glock pistols
  • FN P90
  • Tavor TAR-21 (because it effing looks like from the future)
  • JS 9mm (china)
PS: I am not a gun nut. I am judging them based on how they look.
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@Wuddel said:
"Tavor TAR-21 (because it effing looks like from the future)"
Thank you, that's the one I was blanking on!
@MrKlorox: An EMP could be interesting.  I could see maybe see it as a really slow recharging commander ability, but I guess that would depend on how powerful it is.  I suppose a grenade or mine would make more sense, since a vehicle hit by it would pretty much be a sitting duck, at least temporarily.
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@B0nd07:  Yep in 2142 the Commander had an EMP orbital strike that did recharge after time. But it had a MUCH larger area of effect and lasted longer. Air vehicles and EMPs don't mix.
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No magnum ammo (or similar) and no extra health perks and i will be happy

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P-90, in just about every game ive played that has it, its been my favorite gun.
stinger missiles, a good pilot is far too powerful and rapes teams. so yeah, gimme some stingers

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@B0nd07: they stopped production of the M8 series of guns a while ago... 
most games just have it nowadays because it LOOKS futuristic and it was one of the first future type weapons that was put in games because we've been using it since like ghost recon 1
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all of them

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The only tools I want to see are mod tools.

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Missing my old Jackhammer like crazy. I loved it back in BF2.

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@hicks91 said:
" No magnum ammo (or similar) and no extra health perks and i will be happy "
I'm with you on that one.
@kishan6: I didn't know that.
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I just want them to remove the ability to crash a friendlies chopper by tossing C4 at it, just because they didn't get to fly it.

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AUG is my go to gun in Bad Company 2. I WANT MORE!
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@Marz said:
"all of them "

This, every single gun. Ever. 
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Smoke grenades.

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I want weapons that are actually used by the US military.

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