Why is the aiming in this game so poor?

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Honestly I've never had to fight a game so much to get the aim reticule where I want it to be.

I don't understand it. I put in at least 200 hours in BC2 and I don't remember the aiming being so horrible. It was never perfect, but at least it was serviceable. But this? Insane recoil for every automatic weapon (at least the ones I have unlocked). Combine that with the dumb suppression mechanic and it's borderline unplayable. I was aiming at a stationary target 15 feet away and only one bullet out of seven hit. WTF?!

Am I missing something? Do the beginner weapon just suck royally? Because I'm getting more kills with a dinky 9mm pistol than every assault riffle combined! Don't even get me started on the sniper riffle...

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What version of the game are you playing?

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gotta get them perks!!

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PS3. It's the one my friend had.

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It's not weighty. Killzone 2 was weighty. It's just poor.

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It's "unique".

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Not sure what your issue is honestly, I hate aiming on consoles and I have no problems lining up a shot. :/

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I don't know if the PS3 version is a completely different game than the PC version, but that version is completely fine. Maybe you need to adjust your play. Fire in bursts, etc.

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i have it for ps3 and it is fine. Same with Bad company 2. all seem fine to me, but yes, KillZone 1,2 & 3 are weighty.

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Have you played many FPS games on the PS3? I find the PS3 controller to be really bad for precise movement. I still haven't finished Uncharted 3 because every time I get to a combat area it makes me want to quit. I think the sticks have a huge dead zone or something.

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Killzone 2 wasn't weighty. It was just broken.

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mess with the sensitivity and dont just dump rounds burst fire with little taps of the trigger unless up close .it is supposed to be different to cod where you just dump like a mother fuckeri

i played it first on the ps3 and i had to turn the sensitivity down a good bit for me any why and i could aim an kill just dandy.

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The guns in Battlefield 3 have a lot more recoil and reticle growth when fired on fully automatic than in Bad Company 2. You only want to lay on the trigger in close quarters, if there is any distance at all you need to fire in short bursts. If you're using LMGs you're going to want to deploy the bipod whenever possible because most of them are horribly inaccurate at any range.

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Console version is vastly inferior, but still sounds to me you need time to adjust and get good at it. Battlefield is its own thing, and that is a good thing.

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This isn't my first BF and certainly not my first console FPS. In BC2 I like to think I was a pretty good sniper, but in 3, I LITERALLY CAN'T HIT ANYTHING WITH THE STARTER SNIPER RIFFLE. The aim keeps bobbing like a drunken sailboat. Seriously what the hell is going on? Am I missing something?

I'm having better luck with shotguns and semiautomatic pistols, but assault riffles are basically unusable for me right now. Using short, controlled bursts, first shot hits target straight in the chest and everything else goes over his head and to his sides. It's not just recoil, it's crazy bullet spread.

I didn't notice the bad aim in the SP (though the AI is brain dead anyways) so I dont know if this is some sort of obtuse lag or if they changed all the hit boxes in MP or what. Speaking of hit boxes, the environment hit boxes are also insane! I was trying to shoot at this guy who was arming an Mcom and I was probably 10 feet away. I fired six shotgun shots in him and not a single one got past this shitty little metal railing between us. The rounds hit empty air and just... stopped.

And while I'm complaining anyways, why can't you invert Yaw for helicopters? Every time I want to go left, I go right...

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If you can't hit anything with the starting sniper rifle then you are indeed missing something.

There should be a button to hold your breath when sniping to steady your aim (if i remember correctly it's the same as sprint at least on PC). Also bullet drop, but you probably know that part.

It's hard to talk about bullet spread of an assault rifle without knowing all the other factors. What's your distance to target? Are you suppressed? What attachments do you have? (there are many that negatively affect recoil) Which assault rifle it is? Depending on external factors you can be killing dudes with a 3 round ADS burst, or spending an entire clip without hitting anything. Not saying I will be able to advise you if you post those, since i've been out of the game loop myself for a while, just that these things all matter. I'm probably forgetting some too.

And if you came straight from BC2, yes BF3 guns have much more recoil and require better control and compensating for it.

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There you go, I didn't know there was a hold breath button. That probably explains the shaking aim... And if you're being suppressed, that affects your accuracy? Seriously? I thought it just made things blurry. If so, I really don't like that.

As far as what I'm using its all the starter guns with no attachments (since I haven't unlocked any). For distance, I'd say medium range. I'm getting the majority of my kills with a silenced M1911 though.

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Get a Xbox controller for the PS3, BF3 doesn't snap to opponents so aggressively like COD, Bad Company 2 snapped alot as well.

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No thanks, I have no problems with the PS3 controller.

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Yes suppression affects accuracy.

That is it's main point, to ensure the enemy is not firing back effectively allowing the rest of the team to move up, or flank, or otherwise relocate, or plain kill you. To combat suppression you either need to use weapons/tools that are not affected by it like grenades for example, or relocate away from suppression, or have a teammate deal with the enemy suppressing you, or wait for the suppression to go away when the enemy stops firing. There are many ways to counter it, but it has to be accounted for and in the end does add an extra layer of depth and tactics to the game, that has to be kept in mind. It just takes some getting used to.

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@enigma777: I know what you mean. That's why I quit playing the game. The recoil is just fucking ridiculous for all the guns.

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Alright I just used an MP7 and the handling is waaaaaay better.

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I got to play some of the 360 version a while back and it was fine.

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@enigma777: It comes with skill at the game. Tap the trigger, don't hold down, use a flash suppressor if you are having huge issue with recoil, the forgrip may help with weapons that have a lot of horizontal recoil also stay away from LMG's, which are arguably the hardest weapons in the game to get good with.

Examples of weapons that are easier to control.


-Scar L



Examples of weapons that are Harder to control.

-Scar H

-M249 SAW



Each weapon in this list is effective, however the harder to control weapons often have extremely high recoil, be it vertical or horizontal, so are harder to master, combined with suppression and you will need to learn when, and when not to engage.

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I haven't noticed any problem with it? The only thing I could say is you could be experiencing bullet drop...

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