Your best killstreak?

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So I just finished playing a conquest match on 360 and the dude at the top of the leaderboards at the the end had 100 kills and 8 deaths! My first reaction was "holy crap this guy has no life" but he helped us win so it's not all bad :) anyways, I was just wondering what your best killstreak was? I think mine was something like 30 and 5. How do you get 100 kills and only die 8 times? Craziness!!

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30 and 5 is not a killstreak. I think mine was 13 or something but only because of an amazing helicopter pilot.

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16, so says Battlelog.

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18, according to Dr. Battlelog.

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15 for me. I'm pretty much awful in any vehicle, so I'm pretty sure that was with the M26 MASS underslung shotgun. That thing is absurd.

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I know this is probably a ridiculous question but does anyone know how to equip a grenade launcher attachment to an assault rifle? I put the underslung rail or whatever on my gun but I have no idea how to use a grenade launcher. Trying to do an assignment to unlock a gun.

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@laserbolts: It just goes in the slot that would hold a bipod on an LMG. It's the M320.

edit: Oh wait, were you asking how to use it after it's equipped? I'm pretty sure it's just the 3 or 4 key on PC, but I don't know about consoles.

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After its equipped yeah. I'll figure it out thanks though.

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30 according to Battlelog. Would be much higher if BF3 wasn't set-up to be so god damn playerskill-defiant by design. Suppression don't give a fuck how well I aim. Lock-on warfare as the zero-skill-ceiling counter to vehicular mastery.

Higher kill streaks are only for blessed pilots. On PC you just never know what kind of perks players enjoy from their hardware setup either. Between macro mice and keyboards, all but removing recoil and guaranteeing perfect turns, to actual as of yet undetected hacks, to crazy multi-screen setups with crazy FOV, and god knows what else...

I'm so looking forward to playing Battlefield 4 on PS4/Durango later this year. And that upcoming Star Wars game, oh man!

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13, so sayeth Battlelog.

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15. I think it was when I held down point A on Wake Island by myself as Recon. MAVs are pretty handy.

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About 3. I guess :D

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I swear to fucking God, I wasn't cheating! Played Metro Conquest, 64 player teams and I spent the entire game spamming grenades up the escalators:D

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22. I was gunner in a helicopter with a pilot good enough to keep us alive for a while.

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Did pretty well on Rush once and had a streak of 16 somehow. Every now and then you get into the zone where you don't die and do well.

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I've never gotten two kills without dying in conquest. In death match, my highest kill streak is probably 2 kills. It's easier to kill people in Call of Duty if you ask me.

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@laserbolts: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say 30-5 was a killstreak. I just meant that was my best k/d ratio. That's what I meant to ask. Haha oh well. My best killstreak was 15

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@laserbolts: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say 30-5 was a killstreak. I just meant that was my best k/d ratio. That's what I meant to ask. Haha oh well. My best killstreak was 15

I may have gotten around the same score at some point. I play on console so not having a 64 player match makes it much harder to rack up the kills.

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@sharkethic: Mad nade spamming skills!

Here's a good guy, non Battlefield vids notwithstanding.

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34 is my best.

100-8 isn't that hard to get if you're on a map like Metro or if you're running with a squad of medics since deaths don't count if you're rez'd.

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33, all of which in an Anti-Air vehicle. I can't specifically recall the map, it was either Firestorm/Caspian/Kharg.

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33, almost guaranteed to have been in a jet or helicopter. I can't really recall when. As for the the best KD-ration in a game? I'm honestly not sure. I remember going 30-0 or something similar early on but I know I have gone above that after the patch with custom servers launched after which every other server ran with stupidly high ticket counts, but I'm not sure how high.

@seppli I never understood that complaint - none of the lock on weapons are more than mild annoyances once you learn how they work. The stinger is useless against jets smart enough to start strafing rather than circling the battlefield, choppers have plenty of time to duck behind terrain after dropping flares or just land and repair if hit, javelins are murder against jeeps but any tank driver with half a brain cell will use smoke that practically reloads as fast as the javelin, and even then a hit will not be enough to disable you and the javelin player only gets 4 missiles even with explosive specialization of which at least two are guaranteed misses - the best a javelin player can hope for is to disable the tank before he runs out.The vehicle-based lock on weapons are extremely niche most of the time and fades in comparison to the main guns.

Sure, if players team up they can take down anything with lock-on weapons and coordination. But I see no fault with that. The same is basically true with the bog-standard RPGs too. And even this can largely be countered by using ECM on the aircraft and common sense.

I definitely agree on the BF4 and Star Wars though. That shit's going to be awesome.

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16, haven't played in like a year and a half though so I don't know when or how I got it.

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36 so sayeth battelog, I was a chopper gunner :)

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I have played a ton of BF3 on Xbox and now on know what? I never looked or cared or remembered.

Pc apparently is 10. Xbox is 8.

Then again you know those guys that run up to tanks with nothing but C4 in hand? Thats me. You know those guys driving into tanks with C4 all over their car/bike? That's me. No wonder I don't have a high kill streak.

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