malkavtheclown's Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360) review

To all the girls i love

So listen. I am no fanboy. i could care less which game between this and MW3 sells more copys. But as an oldschool gamer from the beginning of gaming. i will call it how it is. This game is fun. If you like BF games you will like this game. the graphics are decent. (i have everything installed to my HDD) The Gameplay is what you would expect from a BF game. The depth of the MP is great. lots of thing to unlock. Sound is amazing. (using surround sound). Servers are shaky like every other DICE release first week. Single player campaign is amusing and a good way to learn controls. is it a COD killer? probably not. But after the dust settles and the servers mellow out this game should hold the interest of any hardcore shooter fan for quite awhile

Graphics 8.75-9.00

Pure dated console. 2005 was a bit ago. you can tell its pushing the limits of the hardware but after a few minutes you are focused on the tank trying to eat your face. With the HDD install the rating is a 9.00. without it objects are a lot less sharp. Lettering and signs are blurry. Due to the scope of this game which is quite large for its maps its to be expected. If you have the space install both discs and the HD content :)

Sound 10

Just turn it up and listen to the jets fly over you a few times. Every weapon sounds accurate and the explosions are great

Gameplay 9.5

Great controls and realistic warfare. Once the servers are 100% i expect this to be flawless for lag. unless your NAT is not open etc

Replay 10

Lots to do with every kit/vehicle and plenty of medals and unlocks. Great fun with a squad of your friends :)

Hope this helps some of you on the fence about this game. if you dont have the HDD space you lose a lot of detail. But if you do and have the want for a realistic military shooter this is your game!

Posted by InKtOiD

As far as graphics go you are way off the mark; by a wide margin Battlefield 3 has better graphics then anything out on the market, the possibly one exception to this is Crysis 2 and some may argue Final Fantasy XIII.

Edited by MalkavTheClown

Its hit or miss on the graphics i wont argue with you there. I just look foreword to next gen after seeing what they could do with it. Im sure the PC version is better Graphically. But it seems in MP they dumbed it down a little bit for the sake of gameplay. Also the rating is lower than a 9 because of the fact you have to have a HDD to get the better graphics. trying to cover all bases :)

Posted by MalkavTheClown

@InKtOiD: Never have played crysis on console. but that game had really nice graphics on pc :)

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