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Overall I'm dissatisfied with BF3. I should be wanting to play it 24/7 and I'm not. I have 1942/BF2 and BC2 and hoped BF3 would be closer to BF2 than anything else. I can't help but think that they tried to target the Modern Warfare audience (Rap trailer?) simply to gain more sales and I think that led to my "average" feeling on the shooting as a whole. The guns are decent, the levels are ok though there are several I just don't care for. Hopefully that will be resolved with the Back to Karkand pack, which I would not be buying if I didn't get the limited edition on sale.

I also hate how I'm required to run Origin AND a web browser while playing this game. Battlelog as a whole I feel is useless and I hate using it. It's glitchy, I feel it takes longer to "log in" to every server than it does to load the levels themselves. I'd be much happier having an exe on my desktop, that just yah know, launched the game, instead of all this unnecessary bullshit.

In addition to the above there are lots of little things that I hate:

  • Ridiculous amount of disconnects
  • Loosing points if you don't wait till it "saves" your stats
  • Not being able to customize your loadout in between rounds
  • Not being able to save loadouts
  • Not being able to chat in coop, wtf?
  • The campaign is STUPID. Worse than MW2.
  • Spotting seems to be useless.
  • Squad management is non-existent. Absolute lunacy in what is supposed to be should have been a tactical FPS.
  • Pistols severely underpowered.

I doubt I'll go back to BF3 after Skyrim, which is sad. I have no idea what shooters I will play as I also expect MW3 to be worse than MW2.


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