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#-49 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1405 posts) -

Opening your Battlelog in a PS4 Conquest game will lead to a crash. If you avoid pressing it (the touchpad) you should be fine. LOVING IT!

#-48 Edited by marc (486 posts) -

Even with yesterday's patch, the game still keeps crashing. The only notable difference I've seen is that the game no longer corrupts saves.

#-47 Posted by spraynardtatum (2596 posts) -

Still getting crashes no matter if I use the battlelog or not. I also get a ton of stuttering when sprinting and audio drops out frequently. My internet is tip top and I've messed with the audio settings without any improvement.

BF4 is still a damn mess. Can't wait till it leaves beta.

#-46 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1692 posts) -

I've had the game crash on me 3 times since downloading that patch. It did absolutely nothing. The upside is that starting the game up and getting back into multiplayer takes a matter of seconds, but it is still aggravating and a minor inconvenience. Or a major one if it doesn't save my stats from a match.

#-45 Edited by big_jon (5709 posts) -

Same sort of stuff on the Xbox One.

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