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#1 Posted by rflx (577 posts) -

Yup, you know the drill.

Battlefield 4 has a custom emblem creator, and this will no doubt spark the creativity of some great/not-so-great/terrible/nightmarish emblems.

I had about half an hour to kill before the exclusive beta went live, so I made this shoddy looking bootleg Giant Bomb logo:

#2 Posted by emem (1974 posts) -

#3 Posted by Hassun (1831 posts) -

The creator seems pretty deep, I'll have some fun with it. Do the emblems carry over to the main game after the beta ends?

#4 Posted by rflx (577 posts) -

#5 Posted by rflx (577 posts) -
@hassun said:

The creator seems pretty deep, I'll have some fun with it. Do the emblems carry over to the main game after the beta ends?

I have no idea. It\s all on battlelog though, so I would think so.

#6 Posted by mosdl (3259 posts) -

@hassun said:

The creator seems pretty deep, I'll have some fun with it. Do the emblems carry over to the main game after the beta ends?

I believe I read that they plan on bringing them over, can't remember where I read it though. Weapon loadouts too, battlelog is supposed to be mostly done, just the core game will change from beta to final.

#7 Posted by Duder_Me (299 posts) -

Can we expect another "Black Ops emblem thread" with this? :P

#8 Posted by JJBSterling (218 posts) -

Ohhh yessss.

If it's anywhere near the Black Ops 2 editor in depth I'll be making a decepticon symbol as soon as I can.

#9 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1482 posts) -

How does this emblem creator compare to black ops 2? Is it better, worse, or on par?

#10 Posted by Nadafinga (959 posts) -

After playing around trying to copy that super meat boy emblem, I made a Green Bay Packers emblem.

#11 Posted by Nadafinga (959 posts) -

Pretty cool to have a Packers branded chopper.

#12 Edited by jakob187 (21758 posts) -

I give this about...12 more posts?...before it devolves into lots of crude dick emblems.

Those are always the best ones and keep me cracking up for days.

#13 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

Can anyone make a laughing man one I can follow when the game comes out?

#14 Posted by rflx (577 posts) -

I settled on this, even though it's boring as hell... But it says all I want it to say. It's easily readable, it's patriotic, and I flipped the cross on the flag, so it's all satanic or whatever..

#15 Posted by AhmedGaming (1 posts) -

What's up guys :) Here's mine. I got so much more coming on the way. My first post on the site but been following gb for a while now. Also guys I make YouTube videos and stuff so is it ok with you if I feature some of these emblems on a video? Btw if you want a tutorial on this here you go. Thoughts?

#16 Edited by Will_M (346 posts) -

My best attempt at "bomby". Wish i had a few more layers to add some shading and a better star.

Edit: Didn't even realize there was a solid star until I saw @rflx

Last edit: Battlelog name is CyborgKitty if anyone is interested in copying/tweaking my emblem.

#17 Posted by m3ds334 (43 posts) -

@will_m: Thanks man. I had tried to make one, but couldn't get the tongue right, or the smile, the whole mouth really. Your's looks great.

#18 Posted by Will_M (346 posts) -
#19 Edited by Mister_V (1434 posts) -

My attempt at "bomby"

Had a go at fixing the mouth. Pretty happy with it now.

#20 Posted by Zurv (446 posts) -

is there a way to share what someone has made? my fail to far to great for me to even try.. but i'd be happy to use someone else's sexy bomb :)

#21 Posted by PhatSeeJay (3322 posts) -

@zurv: If you're friend with the person you can copy his/hers emblem to your library.

#22 Posted by crusader8463 (14428 posts) -

#23 Posted by Kaj235 (47 posts) -

@will_m: oh man thats awesome! I was beginning to be proud of mine haha, here's my attempt.

#24 Posted by haekb (10 posts) -
#25 Posted by mmzOne (278 posts) -

Took me awhile, but I'm fairly happy how it turner out.

#26 Posted by Droop (1916 posts) -

The ones I've made so far.

#27 Posted by Barrabas (326 posts) -

I have made my first ever custom emblem, and I'm ready to use it to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies.

#28 Posted by fisk0 (4480 posts) -

Didn't have any particularly interesting ideas, played around with the shapes and color palette a bit and settled with this somewhat Frontier: Elite II inspired thing.

#29 Posted by Franstone (1155 posts) -
Wanted to have something so I went quick and simple.

#30 Posted by ZGoon (274 posts) -

My bad attempt at podcast bomby

#31 Posted by temmink (50 posts) -

Here are a couple I made today, had to load battlelog in IE because I couldn't edit emblems in Chrome atm.

#32 Posted by xquicksilvrx (1 posts) -

My version of a popular Block Ops Eye. and my batman logo.

#33 Edited by SpiritedInTokyo (1 posts) -

So I made some Powerpuffed emblems - hope nobody steals them anytime soon:

There weren't enough layers available to get Blossom's hair right, unfortunately. Dunno what they were thinking when they only made twenty layers...

#34 Edited by mmzOne (278 posts) -

Dunno what they were thinking when they only made twenty layers...

Money. You get 40 layers if you buy premium.

#35 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (1769 posts) -

@mmzone said:

Took me awhile, but I'm fairly happy how it turner out.

That is ... how on earth did you even do this?

#36 Edited by mwng (955 posts) -

Took me hours to get the vacant stare right...

Edit: Hell, I think I'm having more fun with this than the game. Or at least it crashes less.

#37 Edited by Captain_Felafel (1602 posts) -

Not the most original, or complicated design, but I needed something and I'm terrible with coming up with emblems, so:

#38 Edited by jayjonesjunior (1087 posts) -

#39 Edited by FrankCanada97 (4039 posts) -

This is the first emblem I ever made. Decided to do something simple and made a patient pokemon.

Not that great, but it's the best I can do with 20 layers.

#40 Posted by darklink6849 (39 posts) -

Took me awhile but im happy with it.

#41 Posted by Rick_Fingers (523 posts) -

@mmzone: dude that is fucking NUTS

#42 Edited by Ravelle (1406 posts) -

You guys are amazing, I can't do anything with those couple of shapes given and that clunky editor.

#43 Posted by Buneroid (428 posts) -

Man these are dope. I suck at anything art related so I made this:


#44 Edited by MystikSk8 (4 posts) -

Here's some that I created:

#45 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1525 posts) -

@mmzone said:

Took me awhile, but I'm fairly happy how it turner out.

I was convinced that this wasn't made in the BF4 emblem maker, but then you killed me and I saw this. Bravo sir.

#46 Posted by Fobwashed (2228 posts) -

Here's one I whipped up real quick to test the tools =P

#47 Edited by OldSchoolC (1 posts) -

The emblem maker is incredibly frustrating with the smaller details, but I did get considerably better at it by the time I finished this one.

#48 Posted by AlexVance (3 posts) -

Saw some really awesome emblems here!!

So I thought I'd post some of my own.. what do you think? :)

#49 Posted by Fobwashed (2228 posts) -

Took a crack at Bomby. I wish I had just say 2 more layers. Or, a couple different shapes =\

I heard that you can unlock emblem pieces for use in building these, can anyone confirm whether or not this is true as I haven't been able to figure it out using google -_-;;

#50 Posted by Will_M (346 posts) -

@alexvance: I really like the wolf emblem. Been thinking about trying out a FOXHOUND emblem but 20 layers wouldn't be nearly enough without losing the details.

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