Anyone else suffering severe lag?

#1 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -

For some reason, over the past couple of days, playing Bad Company 2 online has been unbearable for me. It's unplayably laggy, nearly. Every time I move forward the screen fades black and I am moved back to where I was before, and other strange happenings. Is this happening to everyone, or just me? It's ridiculous, because nobody else ever seems to be lagging. They're all merrily killing one another while I am stuck at base, trying to move somewhere else and failing.
I don't understand why this is happening. I am able to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 perfectly. I am able to play Forza Motorsport 3 online smoothly. Yet Bad Company 2 refuses to play smoothly anymore. It used to run perfectly, but since last weekend or so, I've been stuck with this burden of unplayability. I have the game installed on my Xbox 360's hard drive, and I have tried testing my connection countless times. Nothing pops up as being problematic - NAT is Open, and everything seems fine. So why won't this game work?
Thank you to anyone who can help.

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No lag problems with me, sorry dude.

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This happened to me once, i just quit and joined another server and it was fine. This was also before servers got fixed, no problems with lag, connecting or kicking out of game whatsoever now. 
I would try to format my disc and install the game again, fragmentation sometimes messes things up (on 360 anyway), also clear the cache. 
If this dont work, focus on your internet, port forwarding etc... but if you say it worked fine before, its definetely weird. 
Good luck.

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@MB said:
" @xMP44x: Try making sure your router is configured properly - check out this article from Microsoft Support. "
Ports and stuff are all opened and should be working properly with my 360. I'm going to try what Quipido suggested now though if I can't play a decent match.
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I never seem to have this problem. In fact it feels a bit more smooth and less laggier than MW2 for me. Granted, we're missing  half the 60 fps featured in MW2 (for consoles anyways); but it doesn't feel like its all that laggy (especially with the lack of a killcam which is supposed to be the truth of what happened). Only time where I can kinda see it lag is whenever the helicopter seems to teleport a bit out in the distances.

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Pardon my ignorance but are you living outside of America?
Cause most of the servers are based in the US - and probability would have it that you joined an unfavorable server just cause of the numbers.

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How much overhead do you have on your home network? You don't have a bunch of torrents running or something, do you? Other than that, all I can think of is the same location issue that's been mentioned, but I'm not entirely sure why that would change over time, unless the recent added server hardware was all in the US and is now dropping you in 'better' matches that are actually worse for you.

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I had a little of this last night, and i'm located in the UK.

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I have been in 2 laggy servers since release (UK) its going pretty well.

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I am in Czech Republic (central Europe) and as I said, no lag here.

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i dont lag too much. just like a spike every few games

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