Aussie 360 BF:BC2 players!

#1 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

...are there any? Gamertags please! 
GT: Rimfya

#2 Posted by owenneil (124 posts) -

Do they have to be Aussie or just play the same time as you?
#3 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

Aussie/NZ. Locals with a head set is all I want!

#4 Posted by Cramsy (1204 posts) -

Is there local search in this game? for the lagtastic aussies (such as myself) 

#5 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

It doesn't appear so. 
I've been able to play with Americans though and it seems okay. But I'd rather be put in a game of 24 Aussies. 
Seems matchmaking only likes to put you with 2-3 of anyone though. So weird.

#6 Posted by Workyticket (111 posts) -

Count me in man, will add your tag tomorrow.
Mine: Workyticket75

#7 Edited by StrayWanderer (2 posts) -

Count me in guys a friend saw your post and let me know!  Hard to find a squad of aussies, I am not a good assault trooper but am a pretty good medic! Be great to catch you guys online!
My  Gamertag is:  Stray Wanderer
#8 Posted by owenneil (124 posts) -
Blah to you then!
#9 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

Sweet guys, I've just sent you both Friend Requests. 
I'm typically an Engineer, love being the cause of big explosions!

#10 Posted by aerious (134 posts) -

My Gamertag is AusfroT   I've only been able to get online since yesterday, loving it so far, its been weird though I havent run into anyone using a mic yet.  I switch around classes alot depending on the map and team composition, gotta balance out all those snipers on my team.

#11 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

I tried adding you bro, your GT 'doesn't exist'?

#12 Edited by Raiden36O (128 posts) -

GT: FrenchyLeFrench, i play both normal and hardcore. Been enjoying it so far, shame theirs no local search but the dedicated servers defiantly help, so far this game makes MW2 look like garbage.

#13 Posted by aerious (134 posts) -

I added all of you forgot that theres a damn space in my tag Ausfro T

#14 Posted by Cheapoz (1143 posts) -

Frenchy is a frickin AMBULANCE.

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