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#1 Posted by Sweep (9830 posts) -

There seems to constantly be giantbomb users asking if there is an active group of users playing Bad Company 2. The short answer is yes, there are many of us who frequently hop into Battlefield - but the downright terrible steam integration and janky ingame friend lists make co-ordination a pain in the cunt. So here, I am proud to present the official Giantbomb Bad Company 2 Steam group: 

Click here to join.

The steam group chat should make it a lot easier for people to find and join other giantbomb users ingame, as well as letting members know who is online and who actually owns the fucken' thing. I know there are already other threads set up but this should make things slightly easier. It seemed appropriate considering Vietnam dropped recently and people are getting back into the game.

You are oscar mike, giantbomb. 

Love Sweep
#2 Edited by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -


 Ok so please anyone who joins : 
  • post your Steam ID  
  •    where are  you located ?
  • when is your preferred play time ?   
  •  Got Vietnam ?     
  •  do you prefer Vietnam or vanilla BC2 ? (we'll do both if both are wanted)    

@Sweep said:

" a pain in the cunt. "

you have a.. c.. uhm learn something new everyday. :P  great job Sweep, thanks for the initiative.
#3 Posted by ZombiePie (6367 posts) -

Awesome I wish you guys all the best of luck.

#4 Edited by Chronologist (292 posts) -

I don't have the game on steam, but I guess I can still join the group anyways and see when you're playing, I just need a server name. 
EDIT: Joined.
EDIT 2:  
Steam ID: Bjeck 
Location:  Denmark 
Preferred Playtime: Weekends: pretty much anytime. Weekdays, not after 10-11 pm-ish. 
Vietnam: Nope :(  
Also, I don't have a headset at the moment so I won't be able to talk to you guys :(, maybe I'll get one soon but until then I guess I can just join your conversation and listen to tactics and so on..

#5 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

Technically it's not a Steam game but an EA game, so you can't fault Steam.  Also I don't have Vietnam...I picked Monday Night Combat over Vietnam.  Plus I mostly play on a 9400M, so I don't think Vietnam would run well...BC2 runs around 25-30fps on low.  >.>

#6 Edited by Mu5hy (133 posts) -

I'm in the US, North Dakota to be more specific.  I work nights during the week, so I don't keep any kind of normal sleep schedule, and I play BC2 whenever I'm in the mood.  I have Vietnam and played the shit out of it that first weekend.  So much that I kind of burned myself out.  Anyway I'm in the group so if you need someone to come in and carry your team, just msg me on steam.

#7 Edited by Jeffsekai (7156 posts) -

Location: Canada (East) 
Nam: Yes  
 Play Time: Ummm depends really Tuesday and Friday I am done school at 12pm. Every other day I guess anytime after 6 or 7

#8 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -

A new Open Bombing Run announcement on the steam group, check it out everyone.

#9 Edited by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Joined, not sure I can play today though.
I have vietnam as well as the core game.
I am up for anything basically.
I usually play after 18:00 just about every day, but don't hold me against that.
I live in Norway (gmt+1 I think)
I prefer to play engineer and medic, but I know how to use the recon assault class.
I am 20 years old and yes, I can join on skype/xfire w/e you guys are using, at least most of the times (people have been complaining and hearing a big buzz sound in the background when talking on skype :/ )
amir90 (on giantbomb and bc2)

#10 Posted by evilrazer (544 posts) -

Hey guys, will be glad to participate.
Add me on steam and in BF
 Steam: kibermaster
BFBC2: evilrazer

#11 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

I don't have it on Steam, but fuck yes, I want in on this business.

#12 Posted by Jeffsekai (7156 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" A new Open Bombing Run announcement on the steam group, check it out everyone. "
Is move of this group filled with UK people?
#13 Edited by Mikemcn (7671 posts) -
@Jeffsekai said:

" @Ahmad_Metallic said:

" A new Open Bombing Run announcement on the steam group, check it out everyone. "
Is move of this group filled with UK people? "
Theres a few UK people.
#14 Posted by pwnasaurus (1298 posts) -

YES i wanted the GBS crew back in action! finally :D

#15 Edited by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

Fuckin' yes, sign me up. I mostly just play Vietnam, but I joined anyway. Is this a UK-mostly thing, because the times on that bombing run are wicked confusing to someone on EST.
Steam name is romzomcom99 but my BFBC2 tag is Benicillin.

#16 Posted by DougWilliams (7 posts) -

Well this is dead handy as I've just started playing BFBC2 again now Vietnam is out. Added myself to the steam group. steam id and BFBC2 id same as GB one DougallDogg. Laters peeps.

#17 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -

42 people and counting, NICE ! 
10-12 of us just played for 2.5 hours (open bombing run started 3 hours ago and ends in 7 hours.. feel free to get online and join group chat with the people playing) There's a skype conversation aswell. ask KnifeySpooney (AcridMeat on steam) or Jim Dandy

#18 Posted by NikFreaX (39 posts) -

BFBC2 Username - //Nik_^
Steam ID: =(eG)=™ Nik :D
Location: Fucking NORTH CAROLINA
Vietnam: Yes
Time I will play: On Friday-Sunday. I'll also play on holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. day when I don't have to go to school.

#19 Posted by akeripper4 (170 posts) -

bfbc username - akeripper  
Steam id - akeripper 
location - sweden 
vietnam - not sure yet 
time i will play: wont matter

#20 Posted by 1UStasis (41 posts) -

bfbc2 - Napalm in a can
SteamID - Napalmer
Vietnam - Yep
Location - Middle of America(CST) surrounded by corn.
I've been having much fun with the Vietnam expansion as of late, but I thoroughly enjoy BC2 multiplayer and am usually down if I am online.

#21 Posted by VanderSEXXX (577 posts) -

feel free to add me. 
Steam: domslayer 
Vietnam: not yet will probably buy on February 
Location: Southeast Asia(but I occasionally also play on servers in Japan)

#22 Posted by Althox (320 posts) -

BFBC2 ID: G-Snutten
Steam: Althox
Vietnam: Thinking about it.
Location: Sweden, that's GMT+1 for you Europeans. :3
Xfire: 7723847
Oh just a thing! Something that me and my friends are using when gaming.  A good way of communicating could be via Xfire, since it has both ingame chat functions, skype quality VoIP, chatroom-grouping with passwords and forums with a calendar (For possible events).

#23 Posted by FirePrince (1778 posts) -

Time I'll play-Anytime I can. 
Sorry for not showing up last night.I was way too tired.I'm up for some BC2 today though.
#24 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -

bc2 for LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or until bf3 is out !

#25 Posted by Sweep (9830 posts) -
@Jeffsekai said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic said:
" A new Open Bombing Run announcement on the steam group, check it out everyone. "
Is move of this group filled with UK people? "
We have people from all over the world so there should always be someone online willing to play. Ahmad is from Israel, for example, and AcridMeat is from Canada. 
#26 Posted by Wunder_ (1202 posts) -

Should have bought that on steam sale.

#27 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -

I have a Vent server that the group can use. I'd imagine the info will be posted on the Steam group sometime soon.

#28 Edited by RipTheVeins (1615 posts) -

SteamID- RipTheVeins 
bc2- RipTheVeins 
From  Illinois (CST) 
And no, I don't have Vietnam, but I can play pretty much any day in the late afternoon/evening. 

#29 Posted by Scooopex (47 posts) -

I joined the group:)
bfbc2 name - Blinky 
SteamID - mfrogner 
Vietnam - Yes 
Location - Norway  
Preferred gametime - Whenever Im online

#30 Posted by hicks91 (792 posts) -

 bfbc2 name - davehicks
Vietnam - Yes 
Location - uk
Preferred gametime - Whenever Im online    

#31 Edited by artofwar420 (6905 posts) -

Steam ID - Battle Wario  
location - Western U.S. 
Vietnam - Will get in the future 
Times - Most days after 5pm pacific I'm usually on 
BFBC2 name - Wariofart

#32 Posted by Vodun (2393 posts) -
  • Steam ID : Vodoun
  • Location: Malmö, Sweden
  • Time: Weekends after 9pm GMT
  • Vietnam?: Hell yeah
  • Vietnam or Vanilla?:   BOTH!
#33 Posted by DocHaus (1905 posts) -
  • Steam ID: kantspel ( click here)
  • BC2 name: Kleptobot
  • Location: Eastern US
  • Vietnam? Have it, but prefer vanilla atm.
  • Time: Who the fuck knows? Just send me a message through Steam and I'll see if I can help out.
#34 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -
  • Steam ID: Vaancor
  • Where are you located?: Kentucky
  • Preferred Playtime: Pretty random due to my work schedule, I'll join events when I can.
  • Got Vietnam?: Not yet, if I find a lot of demand for it with the group of people I play with I'll drop the cash for it, been hearing very good things on it and kind of on the fence.
#35 Edited by therealnelsk (368 posts) -

Stoked to play with you guys.

  • Steam: Ekustix
  • BC2: M3RPHY
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Vietnam? Yep, will play anything however.
  • Time (EST) : Usually all day weekends, weekdays are all over the place but usually after 8pm on. Just look me up on steam and I'm down to play.
#36 Posted by cjmabry (515 posts) -

BFBC - cjmabry 
Steam ID - cjmabry 
Location - United States of 'merica (Tennessee) 
Vietnam - Nope. 
Time I play - 4PM+ CST on weekdays, weekends pretty much anytime.

#37 Posted by cryptic_code (96 posts) -
  • Steam ID: cryptic_code
  • BC2: Dynamite Joe
  • Location: East Coast
  • Vietnam: Yes
  • Time: Usually weekends in the evening (EST)
#38 Posted by EDMIX (18 posts) -

Ok so heres the deal.  I got a new HD 5770 and want to play BFBC2.  I own it for PS3 and have about 420 hours on it, and i want to own it on PC as well.  Now my question is, 1-can i transfer my online stat data from PS3 to PC. 2-Is there a Demo for BFBC2 on PC that i can play, i haven't played BF on PC since BF2.  3-is the 360 PC controller even good for BFBC2 on PC?
#39 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -
@Chronologist:  @KaosAngel:  @Jeffsekai:  @amir90:  @evilrazer:  @HaltIamReptar:  @Mikemcn:  @pwnasaurus:  @benjaebe:  @DougWilliams:  @NikFreaX:  @akeripper4:  @1UStasis:   @VanderSEXXX:
@Althox:  @FirePrince:  @RipTheVeins:  @Scooopex:  @hicks91:  @artofwar420:  @Vodun:  @DocHaus:  @Vaancor:  @M3RPHY:  @cjmabry:  @cryptic_code:  @EDMIX:
Ok guys here's the deal : in order for me to stop trying to get people together and annoying those who rarely play in the process, im gonna get you into three groups and i'd appreciate it if you cooperate : 

1.) those who are lifeless losers (like me) who are always ready to jump in with a bunch of good friends and have fun 
2.) those who are unfortunately busy with work or whatever other responsibilities and arent as available as group 1 
3.) those who rarely play and who, allow me to say, joined the group just for the sake of joining the group, and never participate 
I'd appreciate it if each one of you adds his name to one of those 3 groups, so i'll know who actually WANTS me to notify them when we're playing, and who wants me to stop spamming them IMs  
We're trying to get events going here, and when you have 103 group members and only 10 who show up - even on weekends - you need to kinda filter the members in order to spare yourself the trouble and stop disturbing those who dont wanna play. 
thanks, reply as quickly as you can please.
#40 Posted by Butano (1920 posts) -

Everytime I get invited, I'm away from my desktop and/or at school with my non-gaming laptop that I have Steam installed on for the older games I own. I'd put myself in group 2. 
Oh, here's my info... 
Steam ID: butanohastey 
BFBC2: Butano 
Localization: USA (California) 
Vietnam: Yup!  
Preferred gametime: Whenever I'm online

#41 Posted by Chronologist (292 posts) -
Huh, I didn't get an email even though you replied to me as well, pure coincidence I saw this post.. 
Anyways I'm probably in group 1, but you don't need to message me in steam. Getting the event notifiers works just fine for me :)
#42 Edited by kamoku (64 posts) -

Just joined :)
Group 2
BFBC2: foxybasterd
Location: Portugal
Gametime: whenever I can :P 
Vietnam: no
Nam or vanilla: since I don't have vietnam I have to say vanilla

#43 Posted by mmzOne (290 posts) -


  • Steam & BC2 ID : mmzone
  • Location: Finland
  • Preferred play time: Varies, but most of the time after 18.00 (GMT+2)
  • Vietnam: Yes
  • Vietnam or vanilla BC2: Prefer BC2, but I play vietnam every now and then.
  • Group: 2
#44 Posted by cryptic_code (96 posts) -
For now I would place myself in Group 2. I try not play BC2 during weekdays since rounds tend to last about an hour or more.
#45 Posted by dudeglove (10114 posts) -
@Sweep said:
"The short answer is yes,"
And the long?
#46 Posted by Bubba (15 posts) -

Joined  group

  • SteamID:  thebubs
  • Location: Ontario Canada
  •  Preferred Play Time: Anytime After 8pm EST
  • Got Vietnam: Yerp..
  •  Prefer both
#47 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -

SteamID: rsistnce 
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada 
Preferred Playtime: Weekends after 5PM PST 
Got Vietnam: FUCK YEAH 
Prefer: Either or, as long as I can pew pew. 
I'm also quite drunk.

#48 Posted by Althox (320 posts) -

If you're wondering if we all play for funs, we sure do, but do we play with grace? well, we do as of now. But what about the evidence? How could you possibly tell me this without it?
Well, fear not! Because evidence is here! Take a look:  (Bigger image available here)

Bombruns snipercrouch
#49 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -
@Althox said:
" If you're wondering if we all play for funs, we sure do, but do we play with grace? well, we do as of now. But what about the evidence? How could you possibly tell me this without it?
Well, fear not! Because evidence is here! Take a look:  (Bigger image available here)

Bombruns snipercrouch
omfg thats hilarious !
#50 Posted by minorinya (182 posts) -

Group 2 
Steam ID: Seraphinya 
Location: Philadelphia, PA 
Preferred playtime: Friday evenings, weekend afternoons 
No Vietnam... 
Are there specific servers you guys all hang around?

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