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#51 Edited by PHARAOH (152 posts) -

Steam ID: Darkpharoh
Location: Dyersburg,TN
 Playtimes: Late night and weekends
No vietnam
I Just havent come up with a reason to buy vietnam. I really like my scopes lol. 

#52 Posted by newhaap (457 posts) -

Steam ID: newhaap 
Location: WA 
Playtimes: weekends 
No Vietnam 
I don't play a lot of FPS, and this is my first attempt at going into the multiplayer mode for one, so please be kind to this newbie :)

#53 Posted by Octaslash (650 posts) -

Steam ID: Dijitil
Location: Florida 
Playtimes: After 3 PM
No Vietnam

#54 Posted by Tactless (99 posts) -

Steam ID: Kinslayermds  
Battlefield ID:Tactlesss
Location: ME, USA 
Play time: Pretty much when ever 
Vietnam: Preferred

#55 Posted by Progman9000 (285 posts) -

Since I played with some of you guys tonight for a little bit I figured I should put my stuff in this thread.  Also, that was fun.

Steam ID - Progman 9000
BC2 ID - Progman9000 (I think it was without a space)
Location - Florida
Playtime - After 10 PM EST on every weekday except Tuesday and Thursday.  Have a standing gig on Thursday night, but Tuesday is my day off from my day job, so I'm free all day.  I'm also home during the morning/early afternoon, but generally don't game during that time.  Saturday after 5/6 PM.  All of the above are subject to change based on whether I'm gigging or not.  Which leads me to...
Grouping - Since I'm a musician, my schedule before and after work is pretty flexible but my availability is pretty much based on my practice schedule for the day.  So I'd put myself in between category 1 and 2.  I'm pretty busy, but let me know what's up.
Vietnam - Negative, but if it goes on sale, maybe.

#56 Posted by DonPixel (2737 posts) -

sup fellas! i just set up my pc again after let it gatter dust for a couple of months.. hopefully I join you guys for a few matches 

#57 Edited by Azteck (7416 posts) -
  • Steam ID - PostImagination
  • Sweden, Europe
  • When there is demand, time zones are in effect though
  • No Vietnam
  • Vanilla all the way

Only have a few hours clocked but I know my way around the game, and I hope to get some games in with the GB Community
#58 Posted by chilipeppersman (1242 posts) -
 Steam ID  - baggiobutt
  •    location - West coast cali
  • my playtime is gonna be anything after 5 or so
  •   vietnam - no
  • im pretty new to the MP in BC 2, so I dunno which i prefer yet, i may end up getting vietnam down the line
#59 Edited by skyline7284 (649 posts) -

Steam/BC2 ID: skyline7284

Location: East Coast US

Preferred Playtime: Whenever works

No Vietnam

I've clocked well over 100 hours on the 360 version, and a good 200-300 of BF2 on the PC... so i know my way around haha.


Oh and my stats can be found  here:

#60 Posted by emem (2047 posts) -

Steam ID: emem

BFBC2 ID: mm0r (0 = zero)
Location: Germany
Playtime: Whenever I'm in the mood/got time
Vietnam: Nope

Is anyone still playing?
#61 Edited by Kujectez (5 posts) -

Steam ID: KujecteZ

BFBC2: KujecteZ

When do I play?: Now and then in the evenings and weekends

Location: Central England, United Kingdom

Got Vietnam: Nope

I prefer vanilla

Hopefully see you on the battlefield

#62 Edited by AssInAss (3044 posts) -

Oh sweet, just got this game part of the Steam sale. 
BC 2 username: moeez.siddiqui
Steam ID: digi_matrix 
location: UK 
Vietnam: Yes, but more of a vanilla guy right now since I'm a noob
Time: Any time

#63 Posted by No0b0rAmA (1511 posts) -
Generally we play Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Times are posted up on the steam group when an event starts.
#64 Posted by AssInAss (3044 posts) -
@No0b0rAmA said:
@AssInAss: Generally we play Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Times are posted up on the steam group when an event starts.
Thanks, BTW how do you find the server? I want to be favourite it, do I type typefrag or something? 
#65 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@AssInAss said:
@No0b0rAmA said:
@AssInAss: Generally we play Saturday & Sunday afternoons. Times are posted up on the steam group when an event starts.
Thanks, BTW how do you find the server? I want to be favourite it, do I type typefrag or something? 
We choose servers randomly, and they always work out great and run smoothly. 
Make sure to join our steam group and check out the official thread here :
#66 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

Steam: torvus1987
Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Earth
Nights and mornings
yes I have Vietnam
prefer Bad Company 2
can't wait to play with you guys!

#67 Posted by LimpBishop (245 posts) -

BC 2 username: Rocky Marciano

Steam ID: Ondmand

location: Ireland

Vietnam: Not on my steam copy, but on my other copy yes, but never plays it though

Time: Evenings, and some weekends.

#68 Posted by Nate (798 posts) -

Pretty new to the game, and not that good. But I'm loving it so far.

  • Steam ID    - Nathanius (I think)  - my tag in the game is TheMysticPickle
  •   Located in Michigan, U.S.
  • I usually play 8 pm - 1 am Eastern U.S. time
  •   I do have Vietnam, haven't played it much yet.
  •  No preference between core game or vietnam
#69 Posted by Riotisonfire (133 posts) -

Hey i've been looking for some people to play with for a while.

Steam ID - Brobocop

Battlefield - Riotisonfire

location- CHicago

veitnam - yes

Time - Whenever i have time, probably mostly at night but you can  find me early mornings

and like vanialla rush the best. But i am down for anything, just not squad deathmatch. 

#70 Posted by AlexW00d (6718 posts) -

@Riotisonfire: You missed a weekend full man. Next event is Sunday I believe.

#71 Posted by Riotisonfire (133 posts) -
I know It must have been fun. I will defiantly be there this weekend. Where does everyone play during the week if they do?
#72 Posted by TooSweet (436 posts) -

I'll look at this later tonight. I want to join. Hope you don't mind a a crappy to mediocre player.

#73 Posted by Sign (303 posts) -

Just joined.

  • Steam ID: Sign
  • where are you located ? Canada
  • when is your preferred play time ? Generally late night, early morning (EST)
  • Got Vietnam ? Yes
  • do you prefer Vietnam or vanilla BC2 ? (we'll do both if both are wanted) Vanilla
#74 Posted by goatsoap (65 posts) -
  • Steam: Goatsoap
  • BFBC2: Soapgoat
  • Location: East coast USA
  • Playtime: whenevs
  • Vietnam: Yessir!!!
  • Preference: any
#75 Edited by lyfsliljunkie (2 posts) -

  • Steam: wabisuki
  • Location: Nassua, bahamas
  • Playtime: whenever
  • Vietnam: Yessir!!!
  • Preference: Both

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