Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition, worth it?

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I let one my friends borrow BC2 and now he wants to get his own copy, good right? Well here's where things get dicey, $40 for the regular version $60 for the ultimate edition. So, anyone out there picked up the ultimate edition and mind sharing you impressions? Basically trying to figure out is is there enough content to make the ultimate edition worth it or is it better to get the regular version and pick up onslaught separate?

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@simplicite: That depends if he wants 1943 and Onslaught. [shrug]
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Same as what Infininja said, it depends whether your friend is planning to play BF 1943 and BFBC2's Onslaught.  If he doesn't plan to play any of the two and just play the BFBC2, then he should go for the $40 deal.  But if he wants to play 1943 and Onslaught, the Ultimate Edition is a good deal to go for.  I think BF1943 is $15 and Onslaught is $10 so if you go for the Ultimate Edition, you save $5 for having 2 Battlefield games and an extra co-op mode.

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@Mafuchi: It's at $60 now.
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