Been Kicked For True Aim - Why I Love PC Gaming *Sarcasm*

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#51 Posted by Evilsbane (4738 posts) -

@Pinworm45 said:

Being called a hacker is the greatest compliment there actually is.

This is truth, I've never cheated in an online game so when someone says that to you, it means your kicking their ass.

#52 Posted by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -
@Evilsbane said:

@Pinworm45 said:

Being called a hacker is the greatest compliment there actually is.

This is truth, I've never cheated in an online game so when someone says that to you, it means your kicking their ass.

And they are a whiny bitch.
#53 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

That's PC gamin for ya. But it's not really better on consoles, just different. Consoles get racists pricks that whine about 14 year olds playing in their games, glitchers, etc. PC has dick admins, mic spam, and camping snipers. Just find a good server that isn't like that. I never play on severs in BC2 that I don't know, unless I'm looking for a new one. TF2 I think has a much better community for that stuff, there are certainly people like that but most of the servers I play on have good admins. Don't think I've ever been kick from anything, even when I was totally kicking ass. Hell, you can grief people on some servers and not get banned. I love to harass admins on achievement servers. lol.

#54 Posted by emem (1974 posts) -

@mnzy: Hmm I had to enter a key back then as far as I remember. I think every multiplayer game makes you to enter a key first.

The forum comment: The same IP address can't be online twice at the same time, unless you are in the same network as the other person. And it's almost impossible for someone else to get the same IP that you had before -> 1:(~ - static IPs).

A very strange story.. if you didn't cheat and didn't get hacked, the admins fucked with you for some reason or made a mistake. :|

#55 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

Id rather have the option of picking what server I end up on especially if I start getting to know the people who frequent it,  
than get thrown somewhere random. 

#56 Posted by Evilmetal (468 posts) -

If your score was inline with other player's scores in the server, then there shouldn't be a reason why to kick you (taking into account that you weren't a douche, etc etc..).  People should realize that Battlefield games are fun because multiple people are playing it; humans fill the server and this is how fun is experienced.
For example sometimes you'll have this chopper pilot and gunner, on the desert map, raping everyone. The people on the ground cannot see the chopper because of the poor map lighting that blinds players. The people on the ground are not having fun. But if you are the gunner and are kicked, you'll get angry. You were having fun at other people's expense. Such people don't have consideration for others. At the end of the day it's about fun, for everyone. Otherwise..... jump into an empty server and let us see how much fun you will have. You won't have any fun. It's everyone in the server who create the fun and some common respect should be extended; even switching teams to balance things out... it's about everyone having fun.

#57 Edited by mnzy (2925 posts) -
@emem: You definately didn't need to enter a key, usually some ID. But CS was free for a long time so I can't remember if it even had one.
And the IP thing works like this: every ISP reserves a range of IPs, from a few thousand to millions depending on the size of your ISP. If he had the same (small) ISP that I had, it would absolutely be possible. 
But yea the admins obviously sucked, because they wouldn't even listen to a long time user for a few seconds.
#58 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3504 posts) -

It's certainly a problem. I've been kicked a couple times for bs reason on BC2. It's just butt hurt admins. I got kicked for "base rape" after knifing someone in the middle of nowhere. I got kicked several times in Wolf ET because I was accused of cheating, even after telling the other team to spectate me. If you are doing well, people will think you are cheating. There is no way around it. It happens on console too though. I was sent a message, "nice cheat controller," after a round in Red Faction Guerrilla. What the fuck is that? Anyways, keeping a list of favorites is really all you can do. Sometimes there are forums where you can dispute kicks/bans, but you'll need a video of you playing to have any sort of case. If more games recorded your matches temporarily like CoD and Halo, then I could see how a developer controlled place for disputes could work.

#59 Posted by emem (1974 posts) -

@mnzy: CS was a mod at the beginning and was for free until version 1.0 in 2000. After that you had to buy and enter a cdkey to install the game and you still have to enter it once before you can play online.

Oh you're right, forgot about the way IPs are being distributed, ouch. But still.. it's so unlikely that someone steals your key, has the same provider and gets your ip exactly before/after you. I find that really hard to believe. I'm not saying that you are talking nonsense btw, but the ESL admins. I honestly can't believe something like this can happen.. I would have called them and asked for proof.

#60 Posted by TheKeyboardDemon (822 posts) -
@NeverDave said:

I get around this problem by being really bad at competitive multiplayer games.

lol. That works for me too! 70+ hours playing and 0 kicks so far, though I do find a lot of people changing teams and leaving me on my own, which suck when I like to play as a medic.
I usually play official servers or stick to a handful of servers with Punkbuster enabled and this has always worked out fine for me.
#61 Posted by Marz (5671 posts) -

I know how it feels, i didn't get booted but i shot some pilot in the blackhawk with my shotgun with slug ammo and got called a hacker nonstop until i left.  I guess he didn't see me shoot at the chopper like 10 times before i got lucky.

#62 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

It's usually just some bitchy server admin who can't deal with other people beating them. It sucks but there's not much that can be done about it, sadly.

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