Best shot ever? (with a pistol)

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I was attacking the mainland in isla innocents from the Island. 
I was on the left hand side of the island in the water touching the side of the island playing as a shotgun recon. I spawned in a bad place and knew I wouldn't make it to the mainland so I switched to my WII pistol and just started shooting without looking down the sights towards the little dock area on the mainland. On my third shot I killed a dude with a head shot who was all the way over there on the docks. I was still walking in the water next to the island. Without even lucking down the sights. I headshotted a dude on the docks. Dude 
Is that the best shot you've ever heard of? 

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It's pretty close, but I've seen a better one IMO. Playing White Pass and someone was in the tall building that guards Flag B. He was looking through a hole in the wall over to Flag A and then the building started to collapse. He jumped up for one second and took a shot over at Flag A before he died and managed to take out two snipers that were on the roof that were next to each other. I also died in the building so I witnessed it.
(It was with a sniper though and not a pistol, so less impressive)

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Some crazy stuff happens in BC2. One of the craziest multiplayer experiences out there.

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@Linkin10362: Stuff like this is why Bad company and battlefield games need a theatre mode ala halo
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I agree, all online shooter needs a theater mode. Hell, even CoD should get one.
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Pretty good, but I once got headshotted with a pistol on the mainland in Valparaiso by a guy parachuting off the lighthouse...not sure if it was a hack though, seems kind of impossible to me. 

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I no-scoped at a helicopter that was making me angry... he kept finding my faggy sniping spots. Said random shot took out a passenger.. not the pilot unfortunately.
Your story is better.. bro

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Pistolwipped a dude in the head with the MP-443 Grach on Port Valdez Rush from the chopper landing pad. He was sniping from the com-tower. Got me a hefty marksman headshot bonus. The game froze upon this awesomeness. Still bummed about it.

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The M1911 is crazy powerful compared to the others and it has a 7 round clip, its awesome. I got a lot of multi kills with pistols and head shots and stuff but one of my favorites was when I just started shooting from the hip on the hill in Arica Harbor across the map and killed some guy with a head shot.

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My friend was over my house once playing BFBC2, he was playing on arica harbor(rush), he was attackers on the first base. Well he was using a sniper when he literally just took a random shot into the enemy base and killed someone although it wasn't a headshot.
He just took a random ass shot across the map, we OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH'd for like 5 minutes.

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This was probably my best shot ever :)  Not a pistol though.

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@Pie said:
" @Linkin10362: Stuff like this is why Bad company and battlefield games need a theatre mode ala halo "
Every game needs this mode.

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