Community private matches - Xbox 360

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So, instead of reviving a 5 month thread, ill take the chance and make a new one.
So, Anyone up for a couple of private matches with some duders? if you are, im setting up some private matches, for people in europe to join in (Our American brothers are of course welcome to join in, but keep in mind there might be some lag, so now you are warned).
Hit me up on the 360, im online now. GT = HMS jethuty
lets keep it nice and clean, kay? :)
If the mood of the party changes, we can of course change game, to MW2, SSF4, BB or something else.

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I'm down with this.

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I think you need to plan these further in advance. :p
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@Infininja: yeah perhaps:) you are free to add my GT, ill see how many people are online and add people as we go along

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