Double Save Data/Game Utility Data (PS3)

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So I got this game through Gamefly, played it for awhile, then decided to go pick it up at Best Buy, and just send the disk I had back to Gamefly. I had already downloaded the patch, installed the game, and had single-player save data on my PS3. However, when I popped the new disk in it wanted me to download the patch again, install the game again, and then once I got in game my single-player save data wasn't there.
It's all still there on my PS3, under the same user. I now have two Game Data entries for Bad Company 2, as well as 2 save data folders. So from what I can gather. The PS3 can tell that it's a different disk, and wants to create new data folders because of that? Is there a way for me to make it use my existing save data? What's the deal here? Anyone know?

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