Dudes Did A Serious Machinima Movie - When BF:BC 2 Sets The Stage

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...Hollywood military action scenes begin to look really dated

Just recently I said to an acquaintance of mine, who just watched Predators for the re-imagined famous Gatling Gun Deforestation scene...
You never saw a movie action hero pull off as crazy shit as I do in Battlefield : Bad Company 2 in all your life. While this ain't a real gameplay montage with over the top awesomeness going on, it shows how close the mechanics and looks of BF:BC 2 bring Battlefield war scenes to what we know from silverscreen gems like Black Hawk Down.
It's effin amazing. Can't wait to see how DICE will iterate on Battlefield. Battlefield 3 might very well be the next big thing for the franchise after the BF:BC 2 Vietnam addon. I can't wait to see what scope they're going for with it. In the meantime, enjoy this machinima.
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battlefield has a rich history of amazing machinima.

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That was great and it had great editing.

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So now you`re saying that this makes military movies look dated?  
Get your head out of your ass, Battlefield could shit and it would be gold to you.
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Not just talking of the machinima. The machinima just hints at how intense the moment to moment gameplay can be and they're holding back to keep it realistic looking. I'm talking how action games are better at what action movies are doing. Especially Battlefield.
I'm talking about the moment to moment gameplay in the actual game. I haven't seen an action movie that had as intense and crazy action as I myself did experience. No movie hero ever can beat my biggest hero moments in my Battlefield : Bad Company 1 & 2. I pulled off shit that was like 'Rambo X Terminator X American Ninja'. Just sayin'. 
Also - you seem super bitter with BF. Weren't you a big fan of the franchise before BF:BC 2? What's buggin' you?
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Oh hey, my clan made that. Neato. We have another video coming up, more of a trailer though.

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meh...not as interesting as real gameplay.

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The title music.... IT brings me back
I miss Bf2.

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The music....I am Battlefield sick.

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