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 What rocket launcher do yall prefer? 
I feel like the RPG-7 does the most damage for some reason.. it realistically has the biggest missile.. But the targeting system of the M136 is fun..
 What sub do you use?
I used the AKS-74U until i got the UMP.. but the only other sub i like is the SCAR-L.. all the other ones spit out bullets too fast for their clips.. I try using the PP-2000 on close quarter maps but i get mad when i miss out on mid range kills... 
Do you think silencers make a difference in BC2? 
I like to think people cant see where im shooting them from but idk.. I also only use the SVU and VSS because i love semi-auto snipers and i hope that people i miss only hear bullets hitting crap beside them instead of seeing a muzzle flash and smoke trail.. 

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CarlGustav rules. I use the UMP.
I think you are harder to locate. And I think the direction indicator is either quicker or gone when you get shot by silencer.

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The Carl Gustav is the best launcher in the game, IMO. The RPG-7 curves too much, and the M136AT4 is simply not good against aircraft. The Carl G has the fastest missile, and it seems to just be a better RPG-7. As for the SMGs, I use the Uzi. Fires at a good speed, and it has a decent magazine size. Although you do burn through it very quickly. I recommend the Uzi with a Red Dot Sight. Works wonders. The AKS-74u Krinkov and the XM8 Compact are my other two favorite SMGs, at least from the ones I've unlocked.

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Carl G is meant for anti-infantry use, and since that's what most people shoot their rockets at, that's what most people are going to call the best launcher. It has wicked huge splash damage and can kill clusters of guys in no time. The RPG7 does more damage against vehicles, though. Choose appropriately depending on the situation. The AT4, in my opinion, is the weakest of the bunch, mainly because I'm terrible at using the wire-guiding. It's similar to the RPG7 in that it's designed for anti-vehicle use, not anti-personnel use.
If you're going to use an SMG, use the AKS-74U. It has the best all around characteristics. I pretty much only use the 870 MCS with sabot for most kits, so I rarely touch the SMGs. The silencers make very little difference in game. They're pretty useless, really.

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@emkeighcameron:  I've killed a lot of idiots because they don't know where my shots came from. The silencers are not totally useless.
RPG-7 + tracer dart is the best, but the AT4 can be pretty handy. I also use the UMP, I find it the most comfortable smg to use.
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Carl G is the fastest launcher and also has the larges splash dammage, but very little anti armor dammage. So good against infantry or armored MGs or light vehicles but sucky against heavy tanks. RPG7 is what should be used against tanks as it has the highest anti armor dammage. AT4 is usefull in those situations when the thing you want to shoot is really really far away as it has no drop basically (being guided and all) so nice for those tank jockes that like to sit back or that sniper on an oposite hill :)
I mostly roll around with the  RPG7 because if I switch to engineer it is usually to bust up some enemy tanks.

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Rocket launchers and submachine guns are all well and good, but this engineer thread is lacking a discussion on the best weapon in your arsenal: THE ANTI TANK MINE. Other than shooting down an annoying helicopter pilot, having an APC loaded to the gills roll over one of your mines is utter euphoria. And how about a couple guys barreling towards the first base on Arica Harbor in a Humm-vee, only to do a couple mid-air barrel rolls after not seeing the gray disc of death you've left in their path? Oh, and you want to take out an M-COM station in a hurry? Partner up with a recon or assault guy with some C4. 2 mines + 2 C4 + Explosions Mk. 2 equals... as Hans Landa put it... "Boomski."

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@StickNutzman: I want to like the AT mines but i dont really have the patience to throw out all my mines and then just wait for something to drive at them.. but im still playing around with them... and i do love what explosions do to cars..a humvee doing flips is cool to see.. but If you throw all of your AT mines beside a m-com and toss a grenade at them how far do you think the m-coms life bar would go down?
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I usually spawn with mines on my first spawn every maptier (when defending) - spreading them out far. Hiding them in the shadows, next to rocks and bushes. Proceeding to get kills throughout the round.
Carl Gustav all the way. Got the platinum star already, so I usually don't play engineer right now. Rocketsniping is tons of fun - but I'm not gonna play platium weapons until I hit rank 50. 'Til then, I'm sticking with the RPG-7 or the M136. But I rarely play engineer these days. Amazing kit, especially with the Carl Gustav equipped.

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Love me some anti tank mines, but the gustav+tracer dart is an awesome combo. As for the actual gun, I use UMP.

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I do the exact same thing!  I use the upgrade to give me 6, and I instantly run out and scatter them about, I do it on offense too usually, just in case.
For the gun I go AKS-74U with Red Dot.
I prefer the 2nd Grenade launcher (name?), because I usually am trying to shoot down choppers with it, and that seems to work best.
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I use the Gustav because it's just too OP against infantry with explosive dmg to pass up. Shoot a building and everyone inside dies, it's great.
As for smg, I use the UMP because it's really accurate, so I tend to get a lot of headshots from the hip.

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@Andheez: Rocket Launcher, and it's the Carl Gustav.
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Carl Gustav and, if I'm not using the USAS-12 with 12g Slugs, I use the PP2000, since it has the fastest kill-time and great accuracy, along with being pretty much dead silent.

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UMP all the way, on hardcore matchs i get silly kills. As for rockets I like them all but the last 2 are much better.

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The Uzi is my favorite SMG and Car Gustav is my favorite rocket launcher.

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Favorite rocket launcher is the M2 Carl Gustav. Favorite SMG is the AKS

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As far as I can tell, if I blow up all 6 of my AT mines next to an M-COM, it goes down to half health. 6 more and it's destroyed. I don't know if it's better to drop them one or two at a time though. I haven't tried.
I use Carl on Black Hawk-heavy maps, as it travels as fast as the tracer dart so I may as well just shoot the rocket at it in the first place. I use the AT4 to blow up certain M-COM stations (takes 8 with +explosives damage, though I'm not sure if that matters against M-COMs, I just usually have it on) like the last Bravo at Arica Harbor.
I'll take the RPG-7 for tank heavy maps (first section of Arica Harbor).
I rarely use them in an anti-infantry capacity, but Carl obviously outshines the other for this. Try being the repairman for a Black Hawk and whipping out Mr. Gustav every once in a while to take down enemy emplacements.

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I see very few engineers placing their mines mindfully. Most just put them down all at once, in the middle of the road. What use are 6 mines, if they are placed in a way, that when one goes off, all go off? 
A mine placed in a shadow is 50% less likely to be seen. A mine placed in a shadow next to stones or bushes has a chance of 99% not to be seen. Spreading out the mines far makes each mine explode without setting off nearby mines. 
When I'm tank commandeering, I laugh my ass off, when I see strings of mines or clusters of mines. Sooo obvious. And all it takes is one shot to set them all off. I only once encountred a skillfully laid mine in 150h of play (nicely placed at the roadside in the shadows between some small rocks next to a bush killing me - leaving me surprised and happy to have met a skillful engineer) - other than my own. Sad fact.

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