Fuck. Yes.

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Never was into the first game. I am happy that it's rated Mature though and it has some badass graphics.

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this is an awesome commercial. it almost makes me forget gamestops piece of shit commercial... god damn you, you failure of a machinima

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Saw that on Discovery Channel earlier today. Great way to present the game. Also, actual in game footage. Still kinda rare these days.

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 Hot damn, son. I creamed my pants twice.

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Its short . Its catchy . Its clear. Its awesome 
This is one of the best game adverts i have seen . I study advertising methods and this is Top class .

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Kick. Ass.

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Interesting how there's only about 1-2 seconds of actual in-game "I'm playing as a guy" footage (from a soldier's POV)
I can't wait for this to come out.

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Meh. It's still not BF3. :/

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Whats the title of the song?

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saw this today. good for the people that are hyping this game. i am not into bad company. i do not like the game all that much.

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That was pretty sweet. Can't wait to pick it up next week!

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@nethanel: millionaire by queens of the stone age.
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Just watched it, my god i think my adrenalin level just spiked in a 30 second period. I want it!!! 

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That's a sweet trailer.

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Cool spam, bro.

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Oh, how awesome are you not, Noken.

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I'm looking foreword to playing this!

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I have two "friend of a friend"-type of dudes who work at DICE. They are out of reach atm and it bums me out mad! One of them are working on BF3 aswell. Gief :C

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Trailer's alright but it's really not that special
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Locking this and pointing you all to this thread where you can continue the discussion.

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