How do you exit between games?

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Am I an idiot or is there no way to quit BFBC2 between rounds? If I'm in the middle of a round, I can press START and select "exit". However, once a round is over, the only option I have is "READY". There's no option to exit the game or switch to another game mode. Pretty frustrating since it's bad behavior to just jump out of a game in the middle of it (and it leaves teams unbalanced when several people do this at a time).
By the way, where the hell is everyone tonight? I can't find a full game for the life of me. It's endless 2 versus 3 and 4 versus 5.

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Yeah it sucks, I wish they would fix that. 
I haven't been able to get a game on in a few days at this time of night, kind of annoying when you telecommute on 3rd shift

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alt ctrl delete

#4 Posted by Tennmuerti (8352 posts) -

It's possible on the PC when the next map loads but you don't click join yet, the exit option is there in upper right.
Guess they forgot it on the consoles :(
Well wouldn't start/back button work in that instance?

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@Tennmuerti:  Nope. Wait till it loads, then manually exit game. No other way, sadly.
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It was the same way in Bad Company 1. There is no way to exit between matches. You have to wait until you're actually in the match to quit out.

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Here's a screen shot from PC version:

Weird why there is no such thing on console :(
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You can't exit on the console version. You simply have to enter the match, and then leave the match. Shame really. Also, the PC interface looks a bit better. Again, a shame for console owners. It's somewhat stupid that you can't exit between matches, but at least the delay between matches isn't too long.

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This has always annoyed me about what is otherwise a fantastic game.  The problem here is two-fold:  1.  If I'm tired of a certain game type/team, I don't want to hang around waiting for a game to load just to quit out and wait for another loading screen when I start a new game.  2.  As was already mentioned, it is poor etiquette to leave a game in the middle of it.  There are few things more frustrating that starting a match strong, then, after getting pummeled for a few minutes, you check the player screen and realize it's 2-on-6.
I can't imagine that this would be a difficult fix for DICE.  I certainly hope they address this soon, if just for the sake of convenience.
I also hope they DON'T remove load-bearing fences from certain maps. =P

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Yeah, this really bugs me too, I wonder why DICE didn't bother adding this function for consoles since it's pretty bad manners to leave in the middle of the game.

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Also when i leave in the middle of a game, I don't always receive all the points and medals from the previous match. :[

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Hopefully they patch one in, because it truly is quite annoying.

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I suspect this is actually intended, as a method of keeping people playing. As it stands, when you try to quit, the next game has already started, making it that much easier to decide to play just one more match. Then maybe just one more match after that. And so on.  Now I think this is a flawed concept, and I wish it wasn't used, but I can understand why the might have used it in the first place.
Now to take it to a dumb psychology level, by forcing you to sit through loading before you can quit, the unpleasantness and boredom of a loading screen becomes subconsciously associated with ceasing to play the game.
Alternate technical answer: Maybe the moment one match ends, the next one begins loading, even while your in the scoreboard. As such, quitting post-match would mean quitting while loading, which could cause some sort of technical issues.

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I hate it too because you have to lose the match because of it. I was wondering this when i first started, "Where the hell is the exit button?" i gave up after a week.
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Was the same in BC1 so I guessthat it is intentional.
As said before, it makes people stay playing. It has worked on me many a time.

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