Is Bad Company 2 worth a revist before BF 3 drops?

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In anticipation of Battlefield 3 coming out I was tempted to go back and give Bad Company 2 another try. I wasnt really a big fan of the MP last time as I felt most of the time I was just running into a wall of Sniper fire. My question is, has the MP become more varied with play styles or is it still populated by most people sitting on hills and sniping and firing mortars at everything? Im not taking digs and snipers as Its a legitimate way to play but not my preferred way, I like  varied classes on a team. Anyways is it still as popular as It was and with the Vietnam pack out does that change the game style more to my style? I still have my day 1 copy with VIP so I'm only really interested more in knowing if Vietnam is worth a pickup or if its the same as the core BC2 MP. Damn I cant wait for BF3.
PS. I'm playing it on Xbox 360 version.

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I loved Bad Company 2.  I never really thought it was overwhelmed by snipers, and the action was always varied.  The only thing sometimes was the power of the vehicles, especially if you have a team that isn't really working together to destroy it.  I also thought there were good incentives to play with each of the classes

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I've been playing the PC version lately. I suck at PC shooters so my KDR is way in the negative, but it seems like a well made game.

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On the Xbox 360 I've been seeing varied enough playstyles, but I rarely find snipers anyway due to the fact I tend to shy away from areas they tend to keep an eye on.

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I've been playing it again on 360 for the last couple of weeks (also in anticipation of BF3), and I love it. Vietnam is good also, except for a couple of unbalanced maps. Still worth it , IMO.

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@christ0phe: abye its better  now. At first almost every game I went into (when I could get into one) had hill with 2 or 3 guys sniping. Im not even talking about a huge hillside, more like a lump with 2 guys hiding in a bush. I also ran into what your talking about with the team not taking down a vehicle but that's the same with any team game Ive played on XBL. I downloaded 1943 when it was released and that style just felt alot better even after all that time.
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sure why not... since BF3 is looking strikingly similar to it, i'd say go for it.

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I'll probably play some rounds and see how I feel about it. Is Vietnam much of a departure in play styles due to different weapons, vehicles and maps? If its pretty much exactly the same ill probably save on the $15.

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YES, YES, and YES. It is one of the more robust and multi-layered shooters out now.

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I'll say yes. But I have been playing it since it was released, so I'm pretty much burnt out on it. I always recommend revisiting it, but I won't touch it again.

@Ahmad_Metallic said:

sure why not... since BF3 is looking strikingly similar to it, i'd say go for it.

You sure took the E3 stream very negative, huh? They showed a map tailored for 16 people to just sit and experience the engine, and you call Bad Company 2 on the whole thing.

I might regret calling you my brother in arms if you're going to yell "Game Over, Man" at every speed bump of this production! :P

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@PhatSeeJay:  No no.. you're mistaking me for someone who enjoys jumping the gun 
I realize it's STILL pre-alpha, and that it was a 8v8 map, infantry only, on rush .. Not to mention that you have to provide noob-friendly cod-oriented samples at a mainstream knucklehead-fest like E3.. 
several elements that don't reflect how the golden build of 64 players on conquest will be, I realize that.
However, there's jumping the gun, and there's having a very, very.. negative vibe to the project as an entire package. I as a Battlefield fan who still has faith in Battlefield 3 simply am not liking any of the little kinks that form the multiplayer. Extremely off-putting, all of it.... 
They promised a BF2 sequel, that's the problem here.
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@Twisted_Scot said:
I'll probably play some rounds and see how I feel about it. Is Vietnam much of a departure in play styles due to different weapons, vehicles and maps? If its pretty much exactly the same ill probably save on the $15.
it's quite different actually, a lot more focus on infantry. the combat zones are much tighter and it's more about pushing a bit group towards the objective. not that many vehicles.  
i didn't like it that much to be honest, not a massive scope for strategy. but it is different 
#13 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1193 posts) -
@drag: Glad you told me. I quite like smaller / tighter game with infantry. I may enjoy that for a change. I'll perhaps end up checking it out.
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Yeah I still actively play on the xbox.  I bought the vietnam expansion and it's really fun, but I haven't played it in forever so I can't speak to the actual playerbase on that, but alot of people are still playing the regular game.  Seem to have no problem finding matches.  
Actually, I spent the last two weeks playing the squad deathmatch mode (4-6 teams of up to 4 players each) and really enjoyed it.  last night I switched back to conquest mode (sort of to get re-prepared for BF3 this fall) and was in full games (8 to a side) and found that playing a straight kills mode really helped my game.  Try that out maybe- gives you a good sense for pacing in intense battles that way when you go back to conquest mode you're a little more prepared for shooting in conquest mode.
Also snipers are definitely a factor- but I see less and less dudes sitting out there with the big 12x scope just killing dudes.  And then last night on the big dessert conquest map i did.  So first I equipped the sniper rifle I use (the silenced auto firing one) with the 12x scope and did my best to disrupt their work (there were litterally 5 or 6 of them sitting behind tiny cover).  That worked well but i was dying a little too fast so I did pull out the big M50 or whatever that huge rifle is with the 12x scope and made short work of no less than like 5 snipers sitting on a hillside.  Our team held 2 of the 3 capture points for the rest of the map (owing largely to the other team actually not playing the game and being snipers instead).  i stayed as the super long range sniper (not my style) for the rest of the match just to keep the other team honest.  It worked.
Anyways my point is the game is still fun and you still get to do different things if you can be nimble and respond to situations as they appear.  I think last night I played everything from a close up recon (auto sniper with 4x scope) to long range (m50 with 12x scope) to medium range support (machine gun with 4x scope) to assault (anr?? with 4x scope) in the two hours I played last night.  So it's worthwhile-  if you want someone to play with hit me up, mfpantst.  I'm not big into voice chat, but I think BC2 is an excellent game to play without voice and still work together.  I also hook up a mic when I feel so I'll do that too.

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@Twisted_Scot: I did find one problem with that game though, rockets are a little overpowered in the vietnam game.  Or at least that's why i stopped playing.
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@mfpantst: Maybe ill give it a shot. I played the shit out of BF2 for years and it still remains one of my favorite games of all time but I just could never warm the the BC games MP. I miss the feel of being part of an army. Sneaking a 4 man team through an aqueduct to attack the enemy point from behind while the rest of the team drive tanks and jeeps in and the commander bombs the shit out of it. Never had that sensation before or since and if BF3 is more like BC than BF2 I think I'll crack.  Didnt really enjoy Rush mode at all.
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I love BC2 and still play it a few times a week.

Try it in deathmatch mode. The maps are smaller and less sniper-friendly.

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@Twisted_Scot: I think in that sense you may enjoy BC2 over BC1.  I actually liked rush mode- and think conquest wasn't so great in bad company one.  But with BC2 conquest has become more popular than rush and I also think the conquest mode is really fun.  Try that- althought I still think you won't find as much of what you specifically listed as fun, but the gameplay is still pretty varied.  I have a feeling BF3 will be bringing back the scope, and what they've (little though) shown of the multi is for broader appeals purpose. 
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To tell the truth there are only 6 things that I don't like about the game:

  1. Snipers
  2. Engineers
  3. Medics with LMGs
  4. Assault soldiers with grenade launchers
  5. tanks
  6. and anything else that kills me!!
Despite those, I love the game, getting shot/killed more than I can shoot or kill people has not put me off the game at all, in fact I just love it more as I keep going back to try a bit harder and I am getting better, there's something quite satisfying about seeing my name appear at the top of the screen when I hit a 5 or 6 kill streak, or getting a Nemesis pin or any other pin for that matter. I love the team play too, things like reviving players after they have been killed or dropping ammo for an engineer or a sniper in the squad.
My aim is to get all the unlocks in the medic class and then move on to recon or engineer, not sure which yet, but I want to master all 4 classes before BF3 gets posted to me, which reminds me, I should really pre-order it!
#20 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1193 posts) -
@TheKeyboardDemon: Yeah I love playing the medic in any BF game. There's just something weirdly enjoyable about running through a field while having bullets flying past your head trying to get to a downed team mate, all the while not firing one round in return. Its that chaos that makes the BF series stand alone for me.
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Vietnam on PSN is really underpopulated.  Still fun though.

#22 Posted by mfpantst (2651 posts) -
@TheKeyboardDemon: you don't like tanks in the game?  Work out how to destroy them then turn that against the enemy and drive a tank.
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@Twisted_Scot: A lot more fun than sitting on a cliff, behind a rock or on top of a building with a sniper rifle, IMHO. I'll have to master that eventually, just for the sake of completing the set, but at the moment I don't see it as being the way I want to play. I love those moments where you have to make a split secnond decision, shoot the dude that killed your squad member or revive the dead dude first.
@mfpantst: I'm working on building my skills as a medic, but both recon and engineer seem to know a few tricks about killing tanks, also I hope to get the anti-tank mines specialisation soon which should help for any class, but I don't like being in a tank because they are too easy for others to destroy and I don't like the tanks because even when I hit them with a tracer dart too many players just run from them instead of destroying them when they can.
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It's probably cheap by now.  I think I'll pick it up.  If there are people still playing Endwar, I'm sure there's an active online community around. 

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@TekZero said:
It's probably cheap by now.  I think I'll pick it up.  If there are people still playing Endwar, I'm sure there's an active online community around. 
There were people playing Endwar? Really?
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Yeah, the best multiplayer experience currently going

#28 Posted by Euey (103 posts) -

Absolutely worth playing. Still my favourite of the current multiplayer shooters.

#29 Posted by AuthenticM (4244 posts) -

Bad Company 2 is a great game, so yes.

#30 Posted by TekZero (2857 posts) -
It was the only game I played online for a long time.  My buddies and I played almost every night.
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Just played the other day- every game had a good mix of classes  and I had many opportunities to implement each one. Great game.

#32 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5284 posts) -

Yeah play it. It's better than sitting around not playing it that's for sure. Besides we have a long way to go before BF3 hits.

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It's my favorite console shooter, I went back to playing online again yesterday and it was still a blast.
I kind of suck though >__>

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