Is there a UK based GiantBomb Bad Company 2 clan?

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Granted i play alot of Bad Company with US and world players but this generally happens late at night/early morning (GMT). This can have an adverse effect on my non-gaming life.

So anyway what i would like to know is whether or not there is an active UK based clan.

If not i would like to propose one.

Sorry i forgot to specify i play primarily on the Xbox 360
(if ive skimmed over it on this forum would someone kindly link me to it :D )

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I think there are a bunch of UK based duders on the PC side, so not really the most helpful answer it does nothing except bump your thread. Maybe someone else will know.

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@Axxol said:
@Xdsk: Ask in this thread
Thanks man, will do.
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I'm a UK player, BC2 is pretty much my go to online game. feel free to add my tag. spamzap

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