Is Vietnam worth the buy (PS3)?

#1 Posted by Shakezula84 (526 posts) -

I was wondering if the Vietnam expansion was worth a purchase. People still playing it and worth the price?

#2 Posted by Ramone (3073 posts) -

The maps are pretty good but I just wish that it was worked in to the vanilla playlist so that I didn't have to switch between them

#3 Posted by Donos (1225 posts) -

I'd say no. There isn't that much content in the pack, and it's generally not as good as the vanilla BC2 stuff. Just buy Pacman DX instead then come back to vanilla BC2 all the happier.

#4 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Shakezula84 said:
I was wondering if the Vietnam expansion was worth a purchase. People still playing it and worth the price?
I say yes. Its a great expansion. It changes quite a bit. There are no super long areas for snipers to camp. Lots of trenches and broken up areas. 
#5 Posted by Shakezula84 (526 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man well the sniper thing is a selling point. I hate snipers (more so because I suck at it because I'm a twitch gamer).

#6 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Shakezula84 said:
@The_Laughing_Man well the sniper thing is a selling point. I hate snipers (more so because I suck at it because I'm a twitch gamer).
Most of the levels have enough trenchy areas where you can hide from them. One of the best maps is massive and has lots of vechiles and what not. The helis are much easier to down. Like the Gun on a tank can take them down so you dont have to worry about that fucker in the copter spamming missiles then running off to repair. 
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@Shakezula84: Twitch you say?
#8 Posted by belaraphon (444 posts) -

i own it on the 360, but i'd have to say overall its up to how much you like this game. if you want more battlefield, then yes. but if you are satisfied with the regular maps, then you can skip and and never look back.

#9 Posted by hoossy (1044 posts) -

it's good stuff, but I prefer vanilla.  I'm noticing a drop in players on the servers... so looks like people are starting to loose interest while waiting for BF3

#10 Posted by thesavage (81 posts) -

I bought it myself for the PC around Christmas and played it a few times. I just couldn't get into it the same way I could the vanilla game. It's good, really good actually but my favorite class is the sniper... So it didn't quite work out for me...

#11 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -

I liked it.  New maps, weapons, and guns that play pretty different than the original for $15.  

#12 Posted by thesavage (81 posts) -

It's definitely a value like you said, and surely better than a cod map pack. But, for me I just couldn't get into it.

#13 Posted by supaman900s (217 posts) -

I just bought it this past weekend at the discounted price of $7.49 and played it for a few hours, but I didn't notice any new weapons or anything.

#14 Posted by chan05 (375 posts) -

just wanted to buy it.but ending up with a DLC few people are actually playing is no thx

#15 Posted by fiddelerselbow (9 posts) -

I liked it a lot, the lack of scopes on the assault rifles makes the combat much more hemmed in. Not to mention the kick of flying a Huey while listening to Creedence. 

#16 Edited by Seppli (11233 posts) -
I love it. It makes up for about 75% of my BF:BC 2 playtime currently. I prefer the Conquest experience in the Vietnam expansion. Hueys and Vietnam era rock music is dope. Haven't played on PS3 in a long while, but I played it quite a lot and it was always fun. It's an insane value. Just like BF1943 was. Only much better. 5 maps, 4 modes (never playing Squad Deathmatch or Squad Rush though, so I can't vouch for them).
  • Operation Hastings and...
  • ...Phu Bai Valley are pretty dope Conquest and Rush maps.
  • Hill 137 has kind of a broken flow to it in Conquest and the Out of Bounds HQ in Maptier 1 Rush is too camper friendly.
  • Cao San Temple is pretty awesome in Rush, but Conquest often is a 'nade spam fest.
  • Vantage Point Rush is the worst map in Battlefield history - maptier 1 is a legendary meat grinder choke point and nade spam paradise. Conquest ain't much better; semi-decent at best.
The balance between choppers and tanks is pretty much spot-on, so Conquest Hastings and Phu Bai are a ton of fun to fly, if you're ace. Gunplay is a tad bit more run and gun friendly. Bullets travel faster and have less drop, and there's less deviation on movement and sustained fire. Currently I play tons of Conquest on Operation Hastings and Phu Bai and Hill 137 and Cao San Temple on OldMenGaming servers out of Europe. Every now and then I throw in a Rush all map rotation in vanilla.
#17 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@Shakezula84: If you want an expansion pack that feels like a Battlefield game, no it's not. If you want a less Battlefield-y experience, more shoot shoot and get flashy XP experience, Vietnam is fucking amazing. 
Many people were duped by its title, thinking it's a throwback to Battlefield: Vietnam (2003), only to find it's Medal of Honor: Vietnam
#18 Posted by SuburbanNooblet (8 posts) -

I have it on pc, I barely play it.

#19 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -

I stopped playing it pretty quickly. Quite fun but it felt like there was very little room for strategies beyond just throwing bodies all at once towards an objective and winning through brute force. Which is nice for a while but gets a little stale.

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