Just played one of my most fun matches

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I was playing atacma desert in rush on the attackers side. 
My team and I managed to take the first base however I soon realized that we weren't gonna be able to take the ship because of all the snipers, turrets and well placed squads. At around the 50 reinforcement mark most of my team had decided to become snipers and just wait out the game trying to get some good shots. I wasn't gonna let this happen so I decided to test out a gadget iv'e never really used. Smoke grenades. I bunkered down with a ammo box and my grenade launcher and began covering the entire ship area mostly targeting sniper nests, turret emplacements and those ship containers that dudes hide in aswell as our approach to the ship. 
After a few minutes my team realized what was happening and began to storm the right hand side M-COM under the cover of my smoke grenades. They failed. 
I knew I would have to assist them so when I saw them all start running across the smoke field I started running after them firing my last two smoke grenades towards the M-COM. We stormed the M-COM room, armed the charge and eliminated the couple  dudes who came in to try disarm it. Boom. 
I walked outside and was immediately killed by a sniper due to my smoke disappearing. 
Once I spawned I began smoking the area again. 
A few more dudes had joined the effort to try arm the last M-COM, however there were of course still about 3-4 dudes on my team attempting to snipe even though it was literally impossible for them to hit anything all because of me. 
Our reinforcements had dwindled down to about 10 when all of a sudden all of my teams snipers decided to storm forward wielding there sidearms along with all the other dudes who had been trying to arm it all along, I joined suite yet again firing off my last smoke grenades . 
We managed to arm and destroy the M-COM. 
My team began to move onto the next 2 M-COMs (the second village area) and to my surprise a large majority of them had started to fire there own smoke grenades along with I.  
It was a good view. The village which was normally filled with snipers in the buildings and dudes manning all the turrets was absolute chaos. Smoke was everywhere and the enemy team had clearly resorted to randomly firing rocket launchers, throwing grenades towards M-COMs, and hiding in buildings. In this chaos my smoke firing team managed to take the M-COM that's out in the open on the right however the M-COM that hides away in the building was too well defended.  So I along with a few others began to blow the building away under the cover of my team mates smoke. Within minutes the building had collapsed and it was time to take the final 2 M-COMs. 
This is normally a very tricky affair due to the defenders tanks, all the hidey holes for snipers to nest in along the front wall, the defenders slightly elevated position and the wide expanse of land that you have to run across to reach the defenders base. 
Smoke grenades solved almost all these problems. 
Enemy tanks were unable to aim and just drove around in circles being blown to pieces by our tanks and often the enemy would just abandon the tanks giving them to us, snipers were obviously unable to see anything and the wide expanse of land was no longer a problem due to the amount of cover the smoke provided.  
Me and the team charged across the land firing smokes and ignoring tanks. The rest of the team took the usual route around the base into the back but I went straight up and killed 5 enemy snipers who were hiding in the front wall. 
We took out one of the M-COMs (the one that isn't in the big warehouse on the right at the back) however we were unable to take the last one. One of the side affects of using the smoke is that the enemy gathers around the M-COMs and stops doing stupid stuff like being snipers so we were unable to crack into there defence and so lost. 
Although I lost this match it was still one of my most enjoyable 1. Because I realized how awesome smoke grenades are. 2. Seeing the rest of my team start to do what I was. 3. Seeing problems such as snipers, tanks, VADS, Big land (?), and friendly recons be blown away by the simple smoke grenade. 
 So remember to use smoke grenades ya'll. 
Cool story brah 

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Yeah smoke grenades are useful but often times my team would never act when I smoked an area so they were kinda useless but then I  just started killing people with it which was a lot of fun and was actually quite easy.

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Sounds fun, think I'll try this out tonight!

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I have never used the smoke grenades.. i shall try them out when i'm next playing =]

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used smoke grenades until i realised that my team wasn't going to take advantage of it. :( 

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Unfortunately you get no passive reward for using smoke grenades. Not like giving ammo or healing people, but even one person with some smoke can turn a battle by themselves. It sounds like you did just that (even if you got help later on, you spearheaded the attack) and I can absolutely picture that scene on the third tier. It sounds brilliant. 
Five things to note when using smoke grenades: 
-Good for using on enemy locations where they're bunkered down. It means they have to move, giving your long range support an advantage. But this you already know. 
-Great for cover to run from point to point. Again, you already know this. 
-Supposedly, you can use them to mark locations, but I don't think that really works. If you're playing in an organised squad and have played enough, you should be able to get by just on describing the part of the map you're thinking of. 
-Smoke grenades barely do any damage to walls, so you can't really use them for the tactical destruction you get from the normal grenades. 
-It is very embarrassing for the enemy, and very bad ass for you, when you kill someone with a smoke grenade.

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Smoke grenades can be amazing. If you cover the base you're taking with them the defenders are basically screwed.

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