M1 Garand vs. M14 EBR

#1 Posted by MXC361 (182 posts) -

I can't decide which one of these weapons I like more! I prefer the Garand's sights (although they're not historically accurate), and I like the look of the Garand. But, I like how the M14 has 10 bullets compared to the Garands 8. The guns are just so similar, and they perform nearly equally. What are your thoughts?
#2 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -

The M14 is better, IIRC. I don't really use either, but from my experience the EBR has actually been more consistent for me. With it, I've always only needed two shots, though the Garand always needs a third or even fourth in my experiences. Use them both if you like them both, would be my suggestion :)

#3 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

I like both the same I almost have a platinum with the M1 and then I will move on to the M14 but from what I used the M1 seems more accurate.

#4 Posted by MXC361 (182 posts) -
@ShaneDev said:
"I like both the same I almost have a platinum with the M1 and then I will move on to the M14 but from what I used the M1 seems more accurate. "

Same here. It appears, to me at least, that the Garand is a tad more accurate.
#5 Posted by Downandout (290 posts) -

Garand performs better at extreme ranges I feel, mainly because the sight is a lot easier to aim with pinpoint accuracy, prefer the M14 for medium to short range though because of the 2 extra bullets and slightly less recoil when fired fast.

#6 Posted by Donos (1226 posts) -

I slightly prefer the Garand, but I'll take the G3 over both. It's just as accurate and powerful if you fire it properly, and you always have automatic if you happen to need it.

#7 Posted by Infininja (871 posts) -

The two guns are functionally identical, aside the obvious differences in rounds, sights, and reload time. The M14 is the better weapon unless you really prefer the M1's sights.
@xMP44x: Neither have been a two-shot kill since the extra damage was removed from consoles. They're both 3 shots against a normal opponent at all ranges when magnum ammo is used (barring headshots).

#8 Posted by Wasara88 (338 posts) -

both are great but i prefer the sights on M1 and tend to use it. Both are great choises though. Now playing mostly as an engineer getting mine kills and using either the G3 or M1

#9 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

I do much better with the M1. Sometimes it seems like I'm killing enemies without really hitting them.

#10 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

how do you get it?!

#11 Posted by big_jon (6181 posts) -

M1 Garand

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