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So I just recently picked up BF:BC2 on Steam and I suck...literally. I know my friends tell me to just relax and have fun, but I can't stand not knowing whose shooting me and the lag I get if I shoot someone with multiple bullets and they kill me with just a few. I just rage over all this and it's annoying. Am I doing something wrong? I mean I try and stay with my squad, but sometimes I run across the map to the nearest person I can find and end up dying multiple times. Help would be appreciated.

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Hug walls and stick with your squad. It'll probably be an even bigger headache at first, but play a couple rounds of hardcore mode and focus entirely on survival (play medic and level up to get the medkit) then go back to the regular game after a while. It'll be much easier by comparison to how it was before.

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You lag when you shoot at someone?
I guess my tips would be.

  •  Be aware of whats going on around you before you move from one place to another. Survey the area: check windows for enemies and try and check the distance for possible snipers. Usually this isn't much of an issue within your flag caps, but always be on the look out for people coming in from the flanks.
  • I don't know how you shoot but usually at certain distances I just tap shoot with the Assault Rifles or Medic LMGs.
  • If you play normal mode, spot, spot, spot. It will help you and your team out.
  • If you aren't comfortable with shooting quite yet, I would recommend playing a more supportive role. Spawn on your squad and just hide behind cover while your teammate takes out enemies. Giving him/her health or reviving  them as medic or feeding him/her ammo as assault and then just staying hidden until he respawns back on you if (s)he does die.
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Thanks for the tips guys.

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press it.

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I recommend putting the full sized map (default M) on the CapsLock key if you WASD. A lot of folks hate using capslock for game functions because they sometimes forget to turn it off. But it works well for the map because the function is a toggle, just like the caps themselves. Not only that, but since there's no mini-map in hardcore mode, sensor balls and spotting (Q) are pointless if you don't you have your full map in a handy location. However they DO work, contrary to popular belief. The satisfaction of beating the opposing team by exploiting the game's subtleties and working together as a single unit is a solid high.

Also, how is the framerate in general? If you need more frames, you should put it into D3D9 mode since the 'auto' setting will default to D3D10 if your card/OS supports it, even if it's not optimal. Locate the settings.ini file in "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\BFBC2" and open it in notepad. Find the line that says "DxVersion=auto" and change it to "DxVersion=9". See if that helps at all.

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When you are losing, unplug your router and plug it back in after 5 seconds. Results are guaranteed!

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Haha, I am exactly the same. I try not to worry too much and try doing objectives. Oh, and always spot enemies (with Q). You may not be able to kill them, but someone else might. So yeah, basically be a team player and you'll have a lot of fun.

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It might be a little rough just starting out - keep trucking to level up and unlock more weapons - maybe focus on one class (assault or medic) and use that classes' drop (ammo or health) a lot to get more points - spot for teammates, and try to stick near your squad. @MrKlorox: is right about being a medic in hardcore mode - you can stay a bit behind your teammates and observe them while dropping med boxes for them when they are hit, medics are appreciated in hardcore mode and you'll have teammates looking for you and protecting you. The shooting in normal mode is tedious because people are bulletsponges, and if you're just starting out you probably don't have the "magnum ammo" spec which makes bullets do more damage - so when you're spraying them with your smg it's going to take the entire clip to kill them.

I recommend Hardcore mode in general to anybody *(edit: anyone with experience/skill in first person shooters) - learn the general layout/structure of the maps in normal mode though.

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Don't stop. Keep moving. I'm pretty good at the game and I happened to have a friend play with me who was absolutely terrible, like, 0.25 K/D ratio. By chance the first time I played with him I got a 6500 point match on Oasis, Rush, which blew his mind. He later commented to me that he realized that with me he moved much faster than he ever did just by following me around. Don't wait for enemies to come to you, take them head on... if you don't have the reactions necessary to score perfect head shots in 0.0005 seconds (I can't either), then learn to flank and attack from where they won't expect you. There's no shame in shooting people in the back, now.

That, and when sprinting it's a good idea to temporarily stop sprinting when rounding corners or going through doors in situations where you expect you may run into someone. The moment you're vulnerable while pulling up your gun after sprinting and the time it takes you to adjust your aim can be a killer.

Oh, and always reload when you got a chance. A full clip of ammo is a great thing to have!

Oh, one more thing. Learn to play with iron sights. As awesome as it may be to unlock the red dot and the ACOG for your gun, they're pretty pointless when they take the place of some other more useful perks like extra ammo or grenades.

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  • Infantry : Burst fire for killer accuracy. Never overexpose yourself - at most fire 2-3 bursts before going back into cover. Learn to play a forward angle. T'is how to play BF with its generally very far line of sights. Don't play corners like an Arena Shooter player.
  • Vehicles : keep moving and don't underestimate the enemy. Keep to the flow of the combat and pace of your team. If you want to rock out with your cock out, learn to fly like an ace.
That's the basics. Generally, formulate a plan and push for it. Shot by Shot. Step by Step. From Cover to Cover. To your Objective. Always for an objective and for the win.
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Man, the multiplayer in this game is absolutely impenetrable for a new player... I've been stuck at rank 1 for hours. I like this game so much, but I can't even begin to be competitive in multiplayer. It kind of takes the fun out of an FPS when you can't contribute to your team's progress, let alone shoot somebody. And it's not like I'm a terrible shooter player... I'm pretty good at Call of Duty games, and am a veteran Counter-Strike player. Do I just keep bashing my head against the wall for hours until I finally unlock some better equipment? Or move on to a different game that might not be as deep, but I can at least compete in?

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