Post-Patch total Crash

#1 Posted by Gladiator_Games (530 posts) -

Hey forumners! I'm running BFBC2 through Origin (its dirty, I know), but ever since that patch was installed a few days back, I get about ten minutes of play and then my entire PC shuts down on me. It only happens with this game, and its only happened after the patch, so they must be related.

Anyone else having this issue? or have any ideas for a fix?

#2 Posted by Protome (361 posts) -

Wow that's really weird. I have no idea what could be causing it :S

The last patch boosted my framerate by a good 10-15FPS and I haven't had any crashy issues.

#3 Posted by TheKeyboardDemon (870 posts) -

Before the patch I used to get massive fluctuations in frame rates, I mean we are talking around 88 give or take as much 40 frames per seond, now it has settled down to about 90 give or take about 10.

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