Rate Your Own Skill-Level on Scale from 1 - 10

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So one of the EA UK Battlefield forum regulars posted his most recent montage. For my sensibilities, he's pretty much a perfect 10 skill-wise (I heard he ain't all that in a chopper though) - no matter the platform. I've played a couple of rounds against him since release and he really is a beast. So I'll post his video as a reference.

I'm currently playing tons of BF:BC 2 Vietnam on PC (switched over from PS3 during the PSN outage) - mostly Conquest on Operation Hastings or Conquest All Map Rotation (Vietnam too). I'd say I'd average 8.5 of 10. I'm a beast engineer and vehicle operator and gunner. A deadly assault soldier both for going ninja and straightforward charges. An efficient medic and an average sniper. Lacking in patience and keeping my cool. I'm a reckless infantryman, which isn't always the smart way to play - especially on PC with a lesser margin of error and more players on the field. Depending on my team, I can do outstandingly well. I manage to go flawless quite often, especially when I'm flying a chopper or commandeering a tank. Vehicular gameplay-wise, I'm usually too smart to get greedy and play the field like a shark, waiting for my opportunity when the flow of battle goes my way, seldomly engaging in head-on fights. Always pushing and shoving though.
PS3 Stats
PC Stats
How about you guys?
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HAHA that dude totally got ran over by a UAV. That is classic. I would say I'm some where around a 6, I have my moments separated by long periods of time getting killed. Over and Over and Over.

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Didn't watch the whole montage, but that chopper kill was very good! 
Other then that, it seemed to me he played against bad players :o 
if I play with my friend (who is a beast with a tank) I would say we are a 8. 
If I go solo, then maybe 7, I play best as a medic, using the LMG to its full power, that weapon type is so OP in this game. 
But I don't BC2 that much anymore, so my stats are not at all even worth bragging about :o 
Edit: I play on PC, if that matters. 
edit2: I always get on top3-4 if that counts for anything :o

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@amir90 said:

Didn't watch the whole montage, but that chopper kill was very good! Other then that, it seemed to me he played against bad players :o

I like the versatility of his playstyle. Lots of kit swapping mid combat and some creative problem solving, such as killing that tank with a mortarstrike & RPG combo in the first scene. I do so too, just not as frequently and confidently as he seems to do. Really got to kitswap more often mid firefight instead of reloading.
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I had very good stats on the PS3. Stopped playing after a while. I tend to play as Assault or Sniper. Mostly Sniper as in Battlefield, sniping is not an easy job, since you have to move a lot and calculate the bullet drop so in my case, thats a lot of fun, specially when I find a similar skilled level player as an sniper.

So I can rank my skills class based:

Sniper 10/10 (Yeah, Im that good, I even snipe helis)

Assault 8/10 Im just the regular player, good skills, quick aim and such, no 25-0 CoD though here.

Engineer 7/10 Im just good when I use the advanced guns, otherwise I suck

Medic 4/10 I suck all around with this class, I can't get the gist of the LMGs at all. Lucky me for the extra guns

I have an skill of 195-200. When you see me with a lower one its because I try to level up the medic xD

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@Seppli: I like to switch kits as well :) 
However, I play best when I play in Squads, going solo, tends to not work in my favor, at least not for winning, just to get extra kills. 
Engineer: 9/10 I use every weapon, and the whole class to its whole function. 
Assault: My worst class, I only like a few weapons, tend to use this class to shoot smoke nades 4/10 
Medic: My best class, I exploit the healing and reviving points a lot, I know how to use the LMG, little to no recoil, OP as shit imo. 9/10 
Recon: The class I played the most when the game came out, I became worse as time passed by, I do best when I use the high rate fire wep with red dot. 7/10 
I prefer Squad Death Match and Conquest. 
I always play hardcore mode, I hate having have to use a full magazine to kill someone :o
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I've been running the game since day 1 on a relatively old PC, disallowing the game to flow seamlessly, hindering my gameplay and causing lags and freezes... 
So to me, BC2 was nothing more than a Battlefield-ish time filler until Battlefield 3 gets here. But based on my performance in it, i'd say 5/10

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I would say a 9. And that's because I am no good at flying a Heli. 
I only play Hardcore mode, too. That's where most of the good players play. 
I gotta say, his kit changing method is outstanding. I've never done that, but I am very efficient with switching to pistol instead of reloading. My favorite switch is from Sniper to a Magnum to finish off a guy. I never use the 8x zooms either, only the red dot sight, or the ACOG. 
That montage made me want to play Bad Company again. See ya guys!

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I guess like a 7, im a team player if not the greatest shot

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I just had a game were I ran in behind enemy lines and shot 2 guys with my gun and knifed 4 snipers who were sitting in a group sniping at our camp, so right now I feel pretty good, but overall I'd say about 6/10. I'm really good at certain classes, but quite rubbish at others.

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I really have a hard time being impressed by montages.. I mean had I been recording I could've made a montage like this. Thing is I am more twitch-based than BC2 allows me to. Also, I take it we use the 1-10 from a "normal player" perspective. Including pro gamers most of us would be 7 perhaps 8 max.

Anyhow, since I'm still not able to drop the twitch based rush-playstyle I get killed quite a lot. The special BC2 jank is ruining it when you're trying to play the game that way. (Which is really good, because then we don't have MW2 14 y.o. kids running around trying to quickscope.

The same cod-style of game is really shining through in certain games when I can pick it up for the first time and dominate everyone else. It's both good and bad I suppose. Really digging teamwork over lone wolf deathmatch but it's easier to just pick up and play.

Anyhow, my "skill" varies a lot. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing a perfect 10 other times perhaps a 4 (That's mostly when I'm the only one trying to arm/disarm MCOMs) but I'm averaging at 7.5 and just shooters overall 8.5 - 9.0

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i think it would be around 7 out of 10.

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I am (or was) 10/10. Clocked like 400 hours in that damn game. Haven't played in a while though.

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Recon - 8/10
Medic - 9/10
Engineer - 8/10
Assault - 7/10

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Over all I'd say a 10/10 is my skill level, I'm proficient at every class and vehicle, while being a team player most of the time. Sniper is my weakest.


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bout an 8.  Above Average, but not quite the best.

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I'd estimate around an 8 for a foot soldier, except for Recon class. Fuck sitting in a bush.

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2/10. At least I try and do objectives. So I guess I'm a team player, if nothing else.

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I have not played in a few months, but every time I do play there is very very rarely a time when I'm not #1 on the leaderboards (though this is the case with most multiplayer games so I think it's more a case of everyone else just being shit).


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if 3 is the average pub player and 5 is the lowest average clan player, then if the planets are aligned just right I can hit the 6 to 7 level. This is all before the two year time jump of course.

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10 assault with good squad 
9 engi 
7 medic 
4ish recon 
Keep in mind that vid is a montage, that all takes skill ti pull of but rarly happens. 

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3/10 on Xbox.  I can kill people but I day a lot more often. 
7/10 on PC.  Played for a few hours at my friends house, I did extremely well.  Mowing down people with an SMG, blowing up tanks, sniper headshots.  So much easier. 
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Assault 10/10

Medic 10/10

Engineer 10/10

Recon 7/10

Vehicles 10/10

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@MrKlorox said:


I'd estimate around an 8 for a foot soldier, except for Recon class. Fuck sitting in a bush.



This; i never fly choppers or use a sniper gun; but anything else and i can hold my own. I was kind of suprised by how he's switching weapons all the time... i never pick up another weapon unless i'm out of ammo; but i often play as assault so i hardly pick up weapons. Some of those kills seem rather lucky or against really bad players though...
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@big_jon: Very nice k/d ratio. And also a pretty decent accuracy for playing with a gamepad, I'd hit nothing. :)

The way I play right now probably 5/10 in every FPS.

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I would say that I am about a 6/10, I tend to end up as the player with the 2nd or 3rd most kills when I am playing with a squad of other players of a similar skill level to me.

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Using @Tactless' scale, I'd say about a 5 or a 6 if I'm feeling generous with myself.

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200 bazillion. I am amazing.

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probably a 7 or 8 out of 10. but none of that really matters if my team sucks

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I always consider someone who is thinks hes good enough to film himself and post is someone with way too much time on his hands and would be an awkward and unpleasant person to be friends with in real life. I avoid them.

I try to enjoy the game as much as possible, doing objectives and killing people the way I see fit. I stick to group if they allow me, seeing as they break up more than I do, so I would give myself a 4/10.

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I've never played the game, so let's go with 3/10

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@emem: Thanks for the complement.

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I'd say 6-7 range. I'm often near the top of the leaderboard but I still get those frustrating long death streaks that make you ragequit.

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In all honesty, probably an even 5 out of 10. I rarely dominate matches with my play, and sometimes I'm totally ineffectual on the offensive front. But I'm a smart support player and a pretty confident sniper. Not a total waste.

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I used to play on my ps3, but I recently started playing games on the PC. I was a 7 or 8 on the ps3; now I am probably a 5 or 6 on the PC.

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@valrog said:
2/10. At least I try and do objectives. So I guess I'm a team player, if nothing else.
Feel the same plus The sound effects or so cool I feel like I'm in a movie.
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@Seppli: if youre a 8.5 with that score, then im a 9 or 10.

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@Jethuty: Not sure how you think you're better than him.

@Seppli: 271 spm... That's insane. you're a 10, don't be modest.

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@big_jon said:

@Jethuty: Not sure how you think you're better than him.

@Seppli: 271 spm... That's insane. you're a 10, don't be modest.

it was mostly a joke, since everybody rates themselves that high, or hold their skill in ridiculously high regard.

but yeah, my points pr min and k/d is higher than his, dur hur.

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7/10 at best.

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5 or 6.   I don't feel like I'm all that good and my kill death ratio is probably about .70, but I rack up a ton of points for team based stuff (ammo, health, revives, spotting) and that usually places me in the top few people on my team. My actual shooting is getting better and starting to get some decent kill streaks once in a while.
Also - I just got this game in the steam sale a few weeks ago and I feel like I'm improving. There's a lot to learn if you've never played a battlefield game before.
Anyone looking for a someone to play with on PC, add me! - TheMysticPickle

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about a 9. i'm no joke, but i've been playing battlefield games since 1942 so i know my shiz.

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I'm typically within the top 5 a lot of the time on my team unless I'm having a bum round or the random team I'm playing on isn't gelling.  
Every1 has a bad round here or there.
Assault mostly, would probably have better stats if I wasn't so aggressive sometimes. 
Change to Engineer/Medic when needed.
I take a lot of controll points, never sit back for the most part, I'f I'm feelin burnt out I'll hang back and pick people off here and there.

7 or 8 outa 10 I'd guess 

Shit, time to go play Battlefield 3!

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Donno, its up an down for me.

i just came back from a server where i was 20/2

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I'll say 9 when I'm active and 8 when I'm not playing that much, I never cared much for K/d ratio but It's positive in all of them. My score per second is pretty high thou, I like to do a lot of objectives.

My stats

Battlefield 2 : http://bf2s.com/player/62777075/

Bad Company 2 PC : http://bfbc2.statsverse.com/stats/pc/SneakyOmar/

Bad Company 2 PS3 : http://bfbc2.statsverse.com/stats/ps3/SneakyOmar/

Yea 369 hours in Battlefield 2 that's like 15 days of game play that almost made me a College drop out back in the days... lame.

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I think it's safe to say I'm at least a 6/10

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1/10 I have k/d of 0.22 but I got the 100 squad resupplies and 100 squad revives within 6 hours of playing (22 hours of mulitiplayer acorrding to BFBC2), It's those pesky magnum ammo users that bug the living shit out of me. I'm used to dieing in one shot in Red Orchestra but it's unfair when it takes an entire clip from your assualt rifle when it take the magum ammo user 2 shots from their M9 pistol.

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7 to 8, but mostly in flanking and sneaking up on people. Platinumed the knife before any other weapon. I'm quite fond of stabbing people. Don't give a damn about K/D ratio really, as much as breaking up a fortified group by stabbing them one by one.

I take time to study the best courses to get around enemies and grab points. But I'm only as good as my squad is. When I play with my friends, we could easily be a 9 when we steamroll through the map. But alone, I would trail around 7.

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