So people are playing this again, for now (PS3)

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BC2 is on PSN for twenty bucks which apparently is enough to get people playing again. I like this game so I'm taking advantage of the temporary boost in players because I don't think we'll be seeing full 12on12 games much longer. If anyone else wants to play send me a message on psn (hereliesbeavis) and we can bro out and complete objectives and throw medpacks and do all the fun teamwork things people seem to hate doing.

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Bad Company 2 > Battlefield 3

If I had a PS3, I'd be joining in. Alas, I am on 360.

#3 Posted by artgarcrunkle (988 posts) -

@jakob187: For the most part yeah. I just felt like BF3 wasn't enough of an improvement over BF2 or BC2 to warrant existing. All the same matchmaking, bad teammate, bad hit detection, getting stuck on geometry and "Holy shit I'm getting chewed up before I can move an inch from spawn" issues of past BF games with the price tag of a brand new game.

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