VIP Map Pack 7 releasing... tomorrow.

#1 Posted by Jayross (2365 posts) -

VIP Map Pack 7 will be coming out tomorrow! Big news for those of us who have been starving for content.

You will have to have the most recent update for Bad Company 2.

Map pack 7 includes the following:
-Harvest Day
-Cold War (rush only)
-Harvest Day (conquest only)

Cold War and Harvest Day might support squad rush and squad DM.

So, are you guys looking forward to Map Pack 7?

#2 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -

Damn I need to go back to this game! I stupidly bought a pre-owned copy and therefore didn't get the VIP code so I've been paying the same few maps for months.

#3 Posted by Jayross (2365 posts) -
@Djeffers03 For $15 you will get a whole lot of maps... totally worth it.
#4 Posted by Djeffers03 (2545 posts) -
@Jayross: Yeah I know, for whatever reason though I never get round to getting it.
#5 Edited by Marz (5672 posts) -

2gigs, big patch

#6 Posted by Nadafinga (959 posts) -

I just peed a little.

#7 Posted by SPACETURTLE (1622 posts) -

Yeah, I just saw some additional content was being downloaded on Steam right this moment and decided to hit the forums in hopes of figuring out whatever content was being downloaded. I didn't know this map pack came this soon. Anyways, that's awesome! I can't wait!

#8 Edited by DukeTogo (1504 posts) -

I really want to go back to this after the horrible Black Ops multiplayer, now with this there will probably be some people playing.
I'll point out that Black Ops multiplayer is horrible for me because I prefer to use long guns and snipe, nothing in that game makes the sniping experience enjoyable.

#9 Posted by Sn1PeR (139 posts) -

Anyone playing it?  I'm definitely going to be all over this tonight.  How is Oasis?

#10 Posted by Nikulas (23 posts) -

is it out yet??

#11 Posted by Vkramac (23 posts) -

I couldn't get into a good game.  When I played just a bit ago.  Player count was very low, and I didn't hit the new maps.  I think a lot of people haven't installed the patch because its huge.

#12 Posted by mosdl (3259 posts) -

The PC version has tons of servers running only the new maps, plenty of folks playing it.

#13 Posted by Evilmetal (468 posts) -

nice maps, very fun...

#14 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1044 posts) -

Something is wrong with the VIP Map Pack 7 add on already. I was playing it earlier today and had no problems whatsoever but now that I've booted it up again for another few rounds, none of it is showing fact, now it is acting as if I'm not a VIP member yet confirming that I am when I try to re-download any of the map packs...odd server issue right there.

#15 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -
Heavy Metal should be in there instead of Harvest Day twice;  
I like the maps a lot, his gives me the perfect reason to get back into Bad company 2 before the Vietnam expansion hits.

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