What Are You Doing in Private Rooms?

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I've been invited to a couple of rocket and knife battles. Also have been training my C4 flinging skills in empty rooms sometimes. There's tons of crazy stuff. Recently read something about BF 'Knifeclub', wherein players form a circle and shoot at each others feet to demand a knife fight and stuff like that. Just recently the 'Tuk Tuk Jousting' video surfaced. Then there's the explosives domino videos. Vehicles flingling. And so forth. What crazy stuff has gotten you sidetracked in the world of Battlefield?


Even a bored BF player remains faithful to killing time within the boundries of Battlefield instead of moving on to another game. Some hardcore following. Truely.
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1v1 no scopes lobby PM 4 invte

Your videos are too large for my browser, sir.
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what aren't I doing in my private rooms. 

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Looks sweet.

lol also if you don't have a big monitor these youtube videos will kill your screen. 
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lovin it thanks. I've never thought to go into an empty room to try and improve on my technique, I might have to try that sometime.
thanks for sharing.

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