What Class do you play the majority of the time? [POLL]

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#1 Posted by Delta4 (20 posts) -
#2 Posted by Sheephead (11 posts) -

I play engineer most of the time. I find the RPG to be a nice anti-tank weapon and I keep repairing the tanks my friends are driving in.

#3 Posted by Sinatra (216 posts) -

The Assault  class, I like being in the middle of the action leading the way into enemy territory. 

#4 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -

Engineer. I am sure this will change during the full game when I can get an 4x scope on my m60 LMG, but for now I like the silenced SCAR, rpg and repair tool. I like to fly helicopters so being able to repair them is nice.
Although on the first Tier in Port Valdez I like to snipe and lay-out C4 traps.

#5 Posted by timay (198 posts) -

I usually play medic. Got to keep that ticket counter up.

#6 Edited by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

Delicious Engineer. See a person? Not a problem. See a tank? Also not a problem. See an allies vehicle in need of repair? The fucker speeds away at 80mph before I'm able to finish repairing him. 

#7 Posted by JoelTGM (5783 posts) -

My brother and I play medic always.  The LMG is pretty bad though, so we usually use a shotgun.  The higher level guns will probably be better.

#8 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

Medic or Recon usually.

#9 Posted by Binman88 (3708 posts) -

Been playing engineer or recon mostly. Will probably completely change in the full game to medic and assault.

#10 Posted by Jeffsekai (7155 posts) -

Support. Did they change that class to Medic or am I retarded?

#11 Posted by nethanel (194 posts) -

Recon/Assault. Engineer takes like 3 RPGs to take down one tank, its so much easier to just use one of the stationary anti-tank launchers or C4 it. I see alot of Medics who don't revive people at all, whenever I'm Medic I'm always on the top three on my team just reviving people for mad points

#12 Posted by SilentCommando (607 posts) -

Definitely Recon, racking up headshots against enemy snipers just never gets old.

#13 Posted by angelkanarias (1523 posts) -

medic. you heal people, heal yourself, and that big gun kills in a pretty good way.

#14 Posted by Mmmslash (2190 posts) -

I'm a bad team player =(

#15 Posted by ezekielzero (191 posts) -

i like both the engineer and the asault, the asault if only to give out ammo to those who need it which admitedly doesnt happen often considering most people dont live that long

#16 Posted by Venatio (4675 posts) -

Always engineer, I like the stuff you get to use

#17 Posted by Rayfield (2274 posts) -

Sticking with Engineer at the moment. I find his current loadout to be my cup of tea. 
That said, I played with Medic for a while and reviving a teammate is awesome.

#18 Posted by pause422 (6281 posts) -

I play Engineer the absolute most, but I switch between just about everything depending on which side I'm on, what's happening at the time, what the rest of my squad may feel like doing, etc. I like every class, but I just love the engineer.

#19 Posted by bjorno (1462 posts) -

spec ops

#20 Posted by VeiledMuffin (214 posts) -

Recon for defense, Engineer for offense.

#21 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -

Things are going to change when you can put a 4x scope on an m60 LMG, that thing is going to be amazing!

#22 Posted by Hourai (2738 posts) -

It's a tie between Recon and Medic. Lately I've been playing Medic more often. 

#23 Posted by kermoosh (919 posts) -

i play as engineer, used to be medic but i couldn't rely on teammates to take out vehicles

#24 Posted by surelikebarbq (11 posts) -

Medic, but I've been having a hard time playing properly. Rather than hanging back and supporting, I tend to go on the offense when it's obvious our team isn't organized or interested in taking/protecting objectives. It's frustrating... I'd like learn to play the class correctly.

#25 Posted by durog (260 posts) -

Engineer because I like busting tanks up, Medic when I want to help my team keep our numbers up.

#26 Posted by arab_prince (2117 posts) -

it depends. If i feel a bit selfish, and want to improve my kdr i do recon. Otherwise im medic on offense and assault on defense. I hate engineer >:(

#27 Posted by Skytylz (4072 posts) -

medic for offense, recon for defense

#28 Posted by canucks23 (1080 posts) -

Engy for sure. I hate not being able to take a tank out when one rolls up.

#29 Posted by Tuggah (1085 posts) -

Medic. Like the gun and like the healing ability. Though I will play some assault or engineer if my squad is mostly medics.

#30 Edited by Donos (1226 posts) -

I usually use Engineer for defense because it can work in basically any scenario. Attacking I always go with assault, so I can keep myself supplied when Im sneaking around the base.

#31 Posted by thegoldencat7 (1494 posts) -

You're meant to choose the class that best suits your playing style. But I dont see one called- Guy who charges froward and dies with suprising frequency. That would be my class.
#32 Posted by nethanel (194 posts) -

Your meant to choose the class that compliments your squad. For some reason noone ever picks what your squadmates are NOT playing, I always see 4 Recon or 4 Medics, it sucks to join a game and view squad spawn and see your three squad members all camping on top of the hill as snipers

#33 Posted by belaraphon (444 posts) -

i am usually a medic or engineer.  i find that when i play a support class i get more points and have more fun.

#34 Posted by Grilledcheez (4013 posts) -

Engineer and medic...it's pretty interesting how they got the medic to be the most played class

#35 Posted by JokerSmilez (1374 posts) -

Only been playing the demo for about a day but so far I'm just about always Recon. Its the only way I can get any kills and not just die constantly.

#36 Posted by Deity (13 posts) -

Recon when my team is defending and Assault for when my team is attacking.

#37 Posted by Peacemaker (1124 posts) -

I played the recon quite a bit.  I found that sniper so satisfying to shoot.

#38 Posted by sandwich_adjustment (703 posts) -

shit..i think i play them all equally. also i pick up kits and shit according to the situation

#39 Posted by Goblix (25 posts) -

Engineer with the pump shotgun, recoilless rifle, and the sprinting upgrade is insane on either offense or defense.

#40 Posted by Bindings1 (101 posts) -

I am usually the medic considering on the demo everyone of my team was either recon or assault. I am tired of running around healing everyone.

#41 Posted by Ubiquitous (576 posts) -

I was about to make one of these polls, but it's here and been dead for a while. BUMP!

#42 Edited by GnaTSoL (843 posts) -

Recon all the time right now...... Even in close-range battles.
Recon is honestly, IMO, the second best class in this game (behind Engineer and their god-like smgs). SVG plus the WWII pistol is godlike...... if you know how to snipe and sneak. You can shoot off the SVG at close range like an assault rifle and its effective. You don't even need to finish people off with the sniper. Just one good snipe then just switch to the WWII pistol and finish them. The pistol has awesome range.
Just train hard and you'll see the brilliance of this class. :)
Side-note:  ......I only play team-deathmatch. ;)

#43 Posted by REDRUN (1475 posts) -

Assault Class! Its the best class to push the action forward. Its always satisfying whenever you beat the odds and  blow stuff up in the process.

#44 Posted by Bucketdeth (8235 posts) -

Engineer, I love the AKS 74u, plus it's nice to know I can do some damage to vehicles.

#45 Posted by jmrwacko (2538 posts) -

Waaaa too many people play recon waaaaa
Meanwhile, recon has the lowest votes for class played. QQ moar

#46 Edited by zeefoes (58 posts) -

I play as Recon 70% of the time (supporting my team, covering bombs). 
Sniper 30% (counter sniping, going for long shots, chillin in bushes).
I'm really burnt out on this class though, takes a lot of energy to play Recon well. I've started playing as the medic with the L-XM8, mowing down crowds of people with a wall of bullets is just so satisfying.

#47 Posted by nokypoky (7 posts) -

I expected a higher Recon percentage, some people are lying...

#48 Posted by sho76und3wd (154 posts) -

Right now it is Medic, but I have taken a liking to Engineer.  I've noticed that a lot of people are unable to tag helicopters with tracers.  I have gotten really good at it, so I don't mind playing engineer....as long as the assault class is throwing out ammo packs!  C'mon you guys, just throw them out randomly so people can use them!

#49 Posted by CornontheCobbe (2693 posts) -

Medic. Only one i can actually play well.

#50 Posted by super_machine (1977 posts) -

I play recon, but mostly for the explosives and remote sensor. I like to get into the action so I tend to equip the tompson. I'm tied for second with assault and engineer. Assault is awesome and I always get tons of kills, plus resupply my team is great. Engineer plus extra ammo and explosive damage equals RPG sniper, which I also get tons of kills.

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