What determines how good you are?

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What determines how good you are at this game? Some people say K/D ratio isn't important in BF games and the skill level thing is kinda broken. So what do you think?

#2 Posted by FrankCanada97 (4039 posts) -
@SilentCommando: I guess score per minute and Win/Lose Ratio?
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i would say your score per game.   not score per minute.   including all the awards added at the end. well, other than the ones that are gained by accumulated kills or objective captures or whatever.   the combat efficiency awards and shit like that.

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K/D is important but it isn't a full representation of the type of player you are. I would have to say your score per minute is the most important.

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I would not say it is any single factor.
Simply because there are so many varied play styles. 
Even score per minute and win/loss can be very misleading. It also factors in a lot if you play random vs random or team vs. random or team vs. team matches.
You can generally make an educated guess as to the person's play style (and approximate goodness) if you look at their entire record sheet and take all the information in together.

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@mano521 said:
" i would say your score per game.   not score per minute.   including all the awards added at the end. well, other than the ones that are gained by accumulated kills or objective captures or whatever.   the combat efficiency awards and shit like that. "
I think Score per Minute would be a good representation of score per game, no?
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@wh1terav3n: yea you might be right. you can get a really really high score if the match lasts like 45 minutes, and i guess score per game wouldnt take into account game time. so yea i would say score per minute is probably better. but you still need to include those rewards.
#8 Posted by babblinmule (1262 posts) -

But score per minute can be misleading too, as classes such as the medic will generally get more points than say, the engineer class.

#9 Posted by Darksaw (315 posts) -

Score per minute and Win to Loss. K/D matters a lot if you play Squad Deathmatch though.

#10 Posted by Marz (5649 posts) -

Best person in the match badges

#11 Posted by Donos (1194 posts) -

How good I feel about myself at the end of the game. Yeah. 

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It is not score based at all. Medics can get way more points than anyone else.

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K/D ratio should not be in BF. Lil bitchs worrying about their precious ratio and not taking one for the team.
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It's all how well you work with your squad, such as holding position when your squad mates are dead so they can respawn on you to keep your position.

#15 Posted by Joelteon7 (101 posts) -

They all have their problems, unfortunately: 
K/D - Could be high, but then they may be a sniper who gets 2 kills in a game and provided no real support (although SPM would probably indicate this). Could be bad, but then again they might be running in and taking out people in attempts to move up or hold the line, subsequently ending up taking a beating when without them, the team may not have proceeded. Generally speaking, if it's 1.0 or above, I'd say you're fine. I'd rather eat a rocket then let the crate take damage if I'm a defender - I have infinite respawns, they do not. 
SPM - Generally the go-to stat for player assessment in BF, but not entirely full-proof. You can get points for reviving someone, but doing it in the middle of a fire-fight where they end up dying again, or where you sacrifice yourself, is pointless. Similarly, on larger maps there will be down-time where there will be less opportunities to gain points. For the most part though, this is the 'best' read-out, if you were only going for one. 
W/L - Pretty good, but open to abuse. Doesn't tell you how many times the player has quit a game (and there are legit reasons - playing with friends, having to go for food/toilet etc. or disconnections) just to avoid a loss, or how many times a player has loaded a game up only to find themselves sitting at the 'You Win/Lose!' screen. So long as it's not totally extreme though, it should be pretty useful. 
Accuracy - Obviously this varies from weapon to weapon (and thus kit to kit) so take with a pinch of salt, but someone with a 25% accuracy as Recon is probably doing something wrong. Even with semi-auto rifles where you have less disadvantage for missing, you still need to hit eventually. Someone flailing about is not going to provide your team with great support.  
Kit score - Many players have a favourite kit, but the best players know that sometimes your kit doesn't quite fit the need. As such, they should at least have passed the required score to have maxed out the kit. By unlocking all items, the player should have realised the strengths and weaknesses of that kit and when it should be used. Someone who is rank 40 and maxed out Recon and Medic may be a good player at those kits, but I wouldn't trust them to deal with maintaining vehicle support or leading assaults successfully. 
 Everything - You do need to look at the player stats as a whole. A good player will have a high SPM, a positive K/D and a positive W/L (we'll say that 'positive' means 1.0 and higher). Check to see how many best squad pins they have. Are they accustomed to using a variety of weapons and tools? Do they have much time with certain vehicles? 
This is a Battlefield game - you will die and lose, but a good player will work out how and try to fix it. They also squad up and have fun, excited even when they lose because it was a 'great game'.

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Yeah everything is a factor.
 Kill/ Death ratio can be a good indicator of a persons playstyle rather than skill level.  (Hanging back or going rambo).
 Win/Loss ratio means little in my honest opinion, it has more to do with luck than anything. Sure you can be top of your team but if your team is failing badly then its still a loss. Not a good indicator of a indivduals skill level at all.
 SPM is probably the best indicator of skill, if you include everything from revives to kills. 
But I will echo what has been said before, everything should be looked at to determine skill. But in the end, does it even matter? lol.

#17 Posted by pwnasaurus (1286 posts) -

kills. thats it, i dont care about your 30+ revives medics, give me kills.
#18 Posted by pweidman (2326 posts) -

There's way more to it than just kills, lol.  I do look at K/D as a component of skill and playstyle as well as, W/L, squad score, and objective score.  SPM is a good indicator also.  It's a team based objective game, not slayer.  I don't know how many games(innumerable)where so many players hang back and just try to pick opposing players off or mortar, never getting anywhere near the crates, and not supporting teammates who charge and are trying to win the game.  The thing the stats will really expose about a player is if they're a team oriented person, or just someone who hangs out in the game thinking about their K/D.
#19 Posted by Hitchenson (4682 posts) -
  • Not sniping
There you go! You're now a good player!
#20 Posted by mikeeegeee (1554 posts) -
@Marz said:
" Best person in the match badges "
That sounds pretty reasonable.
#21 Posted by Taborlin (177 posts) -

You can't tell properly without playing with them :P

#22 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6197 posts) -

Team player performance.

#23 Posted by JiuJitsuka85 (377 posts) -

Perhaps also killstreaks ( The Combat Excellence Pin - 8 Killstreak )

#24 Posted by Joelteon7 (101 posts) -
@Jiujitsuka: A recon player playing 'Sniper' could get that over the course of a half an hour match by standing back and doing barely anything.  
Pins in general, like all the other stats, need to be taken in as the whole. Independently they have their flaws, can mean different things, but as a group they start to give an impression of a player. 
Besides, the assault player really trying to push forward might be dying a lot, but could incidentally be the spearhead needed for their team to win.
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sit down children and read the real answer:
Getting some friends, joining the same server and then joining the same squad. Then use some VOIP and then be able to coordinate strikes against the opponent leading to a team victory.
There I let the secret out.
so many answers listed previously deal with yourself. This is a battlefield game where team oriented gameplay is required. There is no I in team. If you want to sit down and talk about "I" ... then let's join a server... 16 vs 1 ... and if all by your self you can beat the crap out of 16 players.....
Even if you are a 50 rank, in battlefield it means little. It means you played a lot. But it doesn't mean you know how to coordinate and be a team player. In battlefield a 50 rank person will get owned by a must lesser rank. Clans and VOIP are key.

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I don't have a very great K/D, but that's because I mainly play as Assault and I am an extremely aggressive player (this is what all of the people who play with me tell me).  So while I usually lead the charge, I die a lot.  I think that Evilmetal put it the best.  It's how much of a team player you are, because that is what Battlefield is all about.

#27 Posted by Joelteon7 (101 posts) -
@Evilmetal: Of course squad play and supportive team roles is the way to play, but you still need 4 independently good players. You can't just put them in a squad and see them magically get better, although with team incentives, you may play a little bit better. 
I wouldn't say clans are the best. They're just the most organised. You can easily play with friends and do just as well, if not better than, a clan at the time. Bar the best of the best, mind you. The ones who get a tracer dart on their vehicle and are able to dodge every rocket you throw at them for 30 seconds!

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