Worst soldier quotes you have heard

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I would say 'Let the bodies hit the floor' is probably the worst I have heard. 
Although some are pretty funny.

#2 Posted by Jayross (2647 posts) -

We just canceled the god-damn invasion!
Shit, need some ammo over here!

#3 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

Honestly, the gratuitous use of the word shit is FUCKING ANNOYING.

#4 Posted by DAFTPUNK (1307 posts) -

there shooting at us!!
oh really?

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let the bodies hit the floor is the only one that annoys me. In the first there were far more.

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"You call that breaking my spine? You wouldn't know how to break a spine if you OH MY SPINE"
Oh wait, wrong game, and I thought you said best. 

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lol my moment of "wow the voice-overs are kind of retarded" was a couple of minutes ago 
"Shit, we've got infantry coming our way" 
no way, I never expected that...

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"Shit, they've got a tank!"
Especially retarded when you hit the marker after the tank has been blowing shit up for a few seconds/minutes.

#9 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

Some are actually pretty good, but most of the time they are just pointing out the obvious.
I love when they constantly yell 'oh man they got a Tank! lets get some AT guys up here!'
Meanwhile, EVERYONE is a sniper

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The "Let the bodies hit the floor" is the worst written one, but almost only of the ones including a curse word were simply mis-delivered with the inflection on the curse itself. I blame the Scandinavian voice director for not understanding how curse words naturally sound in American English.
I wouldn't mind all the cursing, as long as it sounded natural and realistic. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a single case of this from what I've heard.
@darkgoth678 said:

" lol my moment of "wow the voice-overs are kind of retarded" was a couple of minutes ago  "Shit, we've got infantry coming our way"  no way, I never expected that... "
It's even worse in hardcore mode since they don't even get lit up. Yet you still get the spot bonus.
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All of it is pretty bad lol. It usually makes me laugh for a bit, which is probably not the intended effect.

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"Objective bravo is getting owned" or "Objective bravo is getting nailed". 
Quality writing.

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@sodiumCyclops said:

" I would say 'Let the bodies hit the floor' is probably the worst I have heard.  Although some are pretty funny. "

Seeing as how 'Let the bodies hit the floor' is actually from a song by Drowning Pool, entitled "Bodies" no less, that isn't a soldier quote.....  In fact, most of these aren't something I have ever heard a actual military member even come close to saying, and I grew up as a military brat and am in ROTC right now......  Just goes to the ridiculous false reality of games these days.  Anyone who tells me they want a "realistic" game has no idea what they are talking about.
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There was one that went something like "hey grease monkey, get over here, my tank is FUCKed" or some shit like that.
I just thought that "grease monkey" and then a strongly emphasized "FUCK" in the same sentence was hilarious. This was in the PS3 beta btw, cuz I haven't heard it in the demo....

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....oh wait...

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