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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

 I have been a fan of the Battlefield series since the very beginning and this is an amazing edition. The multiplayer is basically what I asked for in a Battlefield game. Which is war-like combat on a huge map, scattered with  vehicles, and just that old school Battlefield feel. It really brought me back to those old days from Battlefield 2 for PC. In this they brought back the conquest mode which is basically when the map is covered with 3-5 points that your team needs to capture and hold. It is the most basic mode in the Battlefield series. They also have rush which is the mode from Bad Company 1 where there is 2 bomb sites and an offense who blows up the bomb and a defense who defends the bomb. There are two new modes which are squad rush and squad death match. Squad rush is just rush with 4 on 4 instead of the normal 12 on 12. Squad death match is a 4 v 4 v 4 v 4 showdown for who's team can get to 50 first. I usually only stick to rush and conquest and sometimes squad death match but I probably wont be playing squad rush anytime soon. Dice really did raise the bar here on the multiplayer and it exceeds the first game by a lot. As far as the single player, story is a bit dry and I find myself lost in exactly how the story is progressing or what I 'am doing in the big scheme of things. Other than that the visuals are amazing and everything looks so nice. Stunning environments and I think they perfected the destruction. Overall it is a great game.   The only hangup I have is when a conquest game is ending they start to blare this annoying horn sound, they needs to be gone in the next update.

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Posted by NumbThumb

I actually recommended the Toy Soldiers review you did, and though both reviews are equal in length, you do a good job of capturing what Toy Soliders is quickly and effieciently. It's always nice to read a more elaborate review, but for an arcade title that's pretty one dimensional - heck , it's got what...5 or 6 things in total you can buy? - I felt it was sufficient. 
Here though, anyone trying to gauge what BBC2 is won't really be able to tell because you don't tell them a whole lot. What's conquest? What did you ask for in multiplayer? Etc...
Maybe you're not trying to elaborate, and if so I apologize, just trying to provide constructive criticism.

Posted by NumbThumb

That's good improvement man. Well done. Now hopefully people can get a better sense of what the game is like and how you view it.
Easy changes that make a big difference, good on you.

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