cjwild's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

Bad Company can be good

Since dropping the controller after my first play of Battlefield: Bad Company, it was hard for me to look back. Sure the destruction was great, but the lackluster movement, and no following of online by any of my friends left something to be desired. Then the demo for Bad Company 2 dropped. Things changed, and in a good way. The squad-based element is even more accentuated with this rounds attempt, and for good reason. The vehicle transportation/combat system has been greatly improved upon and really allows for players to get that rush of adrenalin. It's easy to attain when your squad of 5 is manning a UH-60 transport helicopter with vulcan mini cannons a-blazing. Secondly, DICE has greatly fine-tuned the environment destruction. Not only can you just blow up buildings, you can completely bring them down, destroy fences used as cover, even shoot a tiny splinter off. I have so much fun playing the Multiplayer I haven't even dabbled the Campaign mode yet. With a reward based skill system, you choose your base kit and earn points towards upgrades within that kit and your general player kit. Vehicles can also be upgraded with items such as mine/personnel sweepers, smoke-screens, enhanced optics, improved warheads and alternate weapon firing. In short, this game has been everything I expect it to be for a squad-based multiplayer online. My ONLY complaint, is how long it takes to knife, however, I also realize this is more realistic. Grab this one, you won't be disappointed.


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