momentarylogic's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

My Kind of Modern Warfare

I rated Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) with 5-stars under the impression that other people would like it, and not under the context that I do, because the game is simply that good. However when it comes to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (B:BC2) I am allowed a little room to breathe while playing most of the maps, however sniper fire is nastier in return. DICE took a great bit of what made Battlefield 1943 so good and incorporated it into a $60 game with more features and a great leveling system similar to games of this ilk. To me there is almost no real reason to play with friends in Modern Warfare 2 aside from the fun of hanging out with friends talking, and the difference between that experience and this is remarkably different. 
Given the comparisons between the 2 games, I value B:BC2 higher than MW2 on value and playability. The 2 major comparisons: there are more Game Modes in MW2, where as B:BC2 offers more support for Co-Op play. 
editors note: This review is dedicated solely to online play, as I personally have little interest playing the single-player campaign.


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