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MW2 Killer

The single player portion of this game leave's a lot to be desired... But if you're anything like me, you will love the MP portion of this game. PC gamers rejoice, there are dedicated servers!!! Which means I actually have a choice of the map I want to play on and the server community I wish to play with. The classes are balanced for the most part. The maps are varied. Three main types of skirmishes can be found.... Conquest, Rush, and Deathmatch... I've been playing the MP section of the game for over 50 hours and I'm still not bored. Get it! Enjoy it!

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    When I built my first PC in 2004, the first game I bought was Battlefield 1942.  I mostly played the Deseret Combat mod, got involved in a clan and had a blast doing it.  Since then I’ve played basically every PC iteration of the battlefield series including the cartoony free-to-play Battlefield Heroes (which is pretty good btw).  The Battlefield series is by far my favorite FPS series of all time.  Battlefield Bad Company 2 has everything in it that makes an FPS game good, including… singleplay...

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