jordant82's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

mulltiplayer heaven

well what can i say... this has to be in my opinion the best multiplayer game on the 360 since gears of war 2.dont get me wrong there have been many other good online games on the 360 but i feel this just offers that little bit more. i guess its the squad aspect i most like because it isnt each and everybody going all out, ok you could but you dont really get rewarded for it like in other games such as mw2. this game to me is enjoyable and for me a lifespan of more than a week. the only thing that i can fault this game for is there could be more multiplayer maps but i guess in todays world they will arrive as DLC at some point soon


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    The Best Multiplayer Experience 0

    Bad Company 2 provides the  best multiplayer experience currently on the consoles. I think it betters every other serious FPS on console: COD:MW2, HALO, MAG etc.    I didnt play BC1 but was always a fan of the series on the PC and I still play Battlefield 2. I was abit skeptical about DICE's new outing on the consoles but it seems my fears were unfounded as the game has blown me away. While it doesnt match the scale of previous installments with only 24 players, but it matches and even surpasses...

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