metalmoog's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PlayStation 3) review

A+ Multiplayah.

The Battlefield campaign gets shit on a lot.  Saying it's derivative, and unoriginal is a shame.  I thought this campaign blew the CoD campaigns out of the water.  I loved all of the varied locations, weapons and destruction.  The Bad Company characters were much more human, and lifelike than the MW2 guys.  Finding new guns to collect on each level and having them unlock was a lot of un also.  Something else that MW2 missed. Don't believe the reviews, this games single player campaign is better than any shooter I've played so far.  Now on to the multiplayer...
Easily best in class.  So much variety, unlockables, options and just general gameplay magic.  There is no competition for the amount of quality the Battlefield Bad Company 2 online gives.  This is the best online FPS competitive multiplayer I've ever played. It's brilliant.  It enforces it's core team based play with squads with dedicated voice channels, complimentary class selections and abilities and the wonderful spotting technique.  Marking a player with the SELECT/BACK button while having them lined up in your sights, will flag them with an orange marker over their heads and display their position on the map to everyone on your team for a brief period of time.  If a teammate kills a target you've spotted you will earn an easy 20 xp points.  If only everyone would spot, spot, spot and contribute to the team!
Apart from the excellent team based play, there is a shitload of vehicles to commandeer, blow up, abuse and just cruise around in.  Tanks, Helicopters, Boats, UAV's, Quads, Jet Ski's they are all here to drive around and mow people down with! 
Destruction!  Almost every building, piece of scenery, enemy, uav station, vehicle can be blown to smithereens!  You will feel like John Rambo playing this game.  A human ball of carnage running around and fucking everything up in your path.  
I don't understand how Modern Warfare 2's tiny maps, lack of vehicles, team play, and destruction can even complete with this monolith of a game.  
Thank you EA/DICE you have shown me what a real online shooter should be, and have forever set the bar for which all other first person shooters will be judged.

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