majorbrusselsxi's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

Takes the piss out of MW2, mainly Haggard.

Once upon a time there was and still is a Call Of Duty series. And once upon another time there was a Battlefield series. These are quite similar. DICE have always tried to take some of Infinity Wards ideas. In some cases, they have succeeded. In others, they've failed. Come on now DICE admit it. You didn't think of those levels yourself now did you? The first level. Hmmm... It reminds me of Semper Fi On World At War. Then there's the desert looking rather like Afghanistan in MW2. But whats more it trys to tell you that it made up those ideas. Seriously this game bullies MW2 at times because it's the most popular shooter on the 360. For example there is one time where your driving Quad Bikes and Haggard says: "Snowmobiles are for pussy's". Clearly they don't think highly of Soap MacTavish. Another time Sweetwater quotes how Heartbeat Monitors are 'shitty'.  
Anyway lets focus on the story itself. Bad Company 2 believe it or not is a sequel to Bad Company 1. Bad Company 1 is a prequel to Bad Company 2. There could be a three-quel in Bad Company 3. It's a very complicated process.  
Even though it's a sequel it really has no link to the story in Bad Company 1 whatsoever. You remember that angry looking dude at the end of Bad Company 1? You were thinking OMG OMG OMG hes gunna be in Bad Company 2, i know it! Well, he's not. It's a whole new story where the team are trying to find out about this whole Operation Aurora thing. There are some very good guns in this game from pistols to snipers and some interesting levels where you have to stand in fire to keep warm. Overall though the campaign is all a bit dull. 
But Multiplayer is the part of the game everyones playing. Many say including myself that the Bad Company 2 online is better than that of MW2's.  The maps are gigantic and you can't drive vehicles online in Call Of Duty. It ranges from Helicopters to Quad Bikes to Boats and tanks. Pretty epic. The best mode is called Rush where there are to bases. A and B. You have to unleash hell to destroy them, that is if your the attacker. Sometimes you will be a defender and you'll have to make sure that the Attackers dont arm the bomb at the base. If the bomb is armed then you will have a short amount of time to Disarm it. If you fail to do so and both bases are taken then the attackers will move up and you'll have to defend more bases. It's pretty damn good. 
So to sum up the single player in Bad Company 2 isn't all that good and lets the game down giving it only 4 star when it should be more. Although the multi player keeps you going and is the main part of this game that you will be playing for a while. 
The good: 
Some good ideas in Single Player. 
Online! GUNS Choppers! Kill! 
The Bad:  
Snipers that camp. 
Single player missions are mostly dull. 
Not much of a storyline.


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