left4deadgirl's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

Intense with Humor

So a friend recommended this game to me so I decided to pay the 30 dollars and buy it. At first I wasn't to excited since I have been disappointed with war games in the past. However, I found this game to be very catchy and exciting. It has a good story line and it isn't the same thing over and over. It has some humor thrown in it which I absolutely love. It has its intense moments and the moments were you can have a laugh. The multiplayer is pretty entertaining. Overall this game has a good score with me. I am disappointed because it was short but It was good while it lasted. I recommend this game to anyone who likes a good war humor video game.

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    great for couples, not so much for the sexy singles 0

    The fIrst thing I have to admit is that I have played BF:BC2 multiplayer an absolute shit ton, but this does not mean the game is perfect. The single player is fun but it just feels lacking. Witty banter between the characters is still there but in too small of doses. Story in the game is throw away, but all in all I still had a blast with it. The multiplayer (gasp) is F*&#ing Awesome. I have never had so many great video game moments in any other multiplayer games. As you can tell, I am no...

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