drayco90's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Xbox 360) review

Bad Company Loses Much of it's Charm to Battle With MW2

The original Battlefield: Bad Company was just as much a parody of modern video games as it was an actual game. The sequel, in a bid to compete with Call of Duty "the boring generic sequel all the sheep are buying", has decided to grow it's beard, so to speak and has lost alot of it's humor and crazy awesome. No longer will the team drive around the battlefield in a golf cart or search for gold, instead the plot follows Bad Company as they try to stop a Russian warlord from activating a WW2 super weapon that will shut down America's power grid, allowing for his Motherland to begin an assault.

The campaign, despite it's more serious nature, is a blast. The game never seems to difficult or cheap, the weapon collecting is a great bonus and the setpieces are fun. You'll shoot your way through snowy tundras, expansive forests and swamps, large cities and even in an airplane. The destruction you leave behind could make even the most impressive movie monster look like nothing, and the pace is great. My biggest plot based complaint however, is the size. Modern shooters seem to have extremley short campaigns just to force more online multiplayer down our throats, and sadly, Bad Company 2 is no exception.

The multiplayer, on the other hand, is mediocre at best. The kit systems are okay, but aside from a few cosmetic changes all of them play extremley similarly. There's no balance in the players, so a level 1 new player can enter a fight with all level 25s, while this isn't normally a problem, in Bad Company 2 you get extra weapons, abillities and tools as you level up. This could have been thought out much better, and the experience is very meh.

Overall Bad Company 2 is a great rental or borrow from a friend, but I don't think I could give it higher than 3 Stars if I had bought it.


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