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What a online shooter should be.

The good: Beautiful graphics - Sharp sound - Weapons feel great - Short but always fun campaign - Tons of vehicles.

The bad: Not a lot of game modes - Some odd glitches and bugs.

As in the first bad company you play as Preston Marlowe, perhaps the most normal of the four soldiers in your squad.
Aside from Marlowe the other three from Bad company return,
Haggard: The funny guy that always looks on the bright side,
Sweeter-water: kind of Haggards side kick but tends to be pessimistic, And Sarge: Who is ever closer to retirement but has to complete one last mission before he can be done.

There is not much story in Bad company 2, which is fine since the campaign is too much fun to notice the bland story.
The basic story is this.
Back in World War 2 the Japanese built a super weapon but never got to use it, and now the Russians have found the secret weapon and plan to use it on the United states.
And you go through a series of missions completing objectives trying to track down the Head Russian Arkady Kirelenko, before he can arm the weapon and use it.
Almost every mission takes place in a different setting, so therefor you will never get tired of the scenery.

One mission may take place on a snowy mountain while the next may be in a jungle full of places for the enemy to ambush you.
There is also a mission where you are the commander of a tank trying to get to a city by going through a vast countryside. There are also urban themed missions where you have to avoid mortar fire by timing the explosions.

Heck there are even missions that combine two environments such as urban/snowy mountain.
While the campaign mode may only last around 4-6 hours there are plenty of reasons to go back an play it again, such as achievements, collectibles and just for plain fun.

If you are anything like the typical Battlefield player you will spend most of your time playing the multiplayer.
And this is by far the best multiplayer in any shooter from this generation.
The main game mode you will find yourself putting time into is the games "rush" mode.

Rush mode is basically Gold rush mode from the first bad company.
In which teams take turns attacking and defending objectives.
How this works is the team that is attacking only has a certain amount of tickets, and when those tickets run out it's the other teams turn to try and destroy all the objectives before running out of tickets.
You lose tickets by getting killed, but if a medic revives you then gain a ticket back, so teamwork is key while attacking or defending.
On each team there can be up to 12 players and those 12 players are divided into 3 squads each squad can chat with each other, but not with other players in the game.
The upside to squads are that you can spawn on a squadmate who is alive, and you also get bonus points for reviving squadmates or assisting a squadmate with a kill.

The objectives are in sets of two, destroy those two and move on to the next two in a totally new area of the map. But as mentioned before if you run out of tickets while trying to take out a set of objectives then it is the other teams turn to try and do better than your team did.
This is probably the most fun game mode, but there are other game modes.
Such as the franchise's much loved conquest mode or squad deathmatch.
In conquest mode there are flags which you must capture and hold to deplete enemy tickets the more flags you control the more tickets the enemy loses.
Aside from capturing and holding flags you can also kill enemies to deplete tickets.
Squad deathmatch is how it sounds, 4 teams of 4 try and get to 50 kills before the other teams. Not the best mode but still if you are looking to get away from objective based game modes then this is it.

The last game mode is an add-on but still plenty of fun.
Onslaught takes 4 players and tasks them with defending an area from AI soldiers, simple but fun.

Maps are basically taken from the singleplayer and vary just as much, from an Oil pipeline field in Alaska to thick jungles in South America.
Vehicles are probably one of the main reasons people find the games so fun and there are a total of 15 vehicles ranging from attack helicopters, transport helicopters, tanks, ATV's, a patrol boat outfitted with machine guns and grenade launchers, A two man jet-ski and more.

There are a LOT of weapons in Bad company 2, whether you prefer silenced SMG or a loud n' proud M-60, or maybe sniping is your thing? Whatever weapon your preference is there is plenty here for everybody.

In bad company 2 there are 4 classes to choose from.
Most weapons are exclusive to a class but there are some such as shotguns and pistols that are available for all 4 classes.
Assault: Which can choose from several different assault rifles and is the most bland of the 4 classes when it comes to equipment.
Recon: The sniper class which is best used from afar to call in enemy positions and call in mortar strikes.
Engineer: This class uses Suppressed SMG's and can use Rocket launchers, mines and can also repair damaged vehicles.
Medic: The medic class sports the LMG (light machine gun) which are useful for suppressing enemies while trying to reach a downed soldier. The medic can heal friendlies (and enemies) and revive teammates that only "died" a short time ago.
While you may favor one class sometimes you may have to change your class to accommodate the situation.

Like in most other shooters these day's there is a leveling system.
There are 50 levels in total each level taking more XP than the last to level up, in order to level up you can do many different things to gain xp.
Such as Killing a enemy will get you 50 xp points, a assist will get 10 points, but if you assist a squad mate you will get 20 points.
Destroying objectives gets you good amount of Xp, spotting an enemy and then a teammate killing that enemy will get you points.
healing, reviving, Destroying a vehicle, repairing a vehicle will get you xp. Almost Everything you do in this game will give you xp.

Leveling up is not just there for show, gaining levels will allow to unlock new weapons.
Although in order to unlock weapons for a specific class you must get a certain amount of Xp while using that class.

I have never heard sound like this in a game, Inside a building shots echo throughout the entire building. Shells falling to the floor are easy to hear can sometimes help you locate an enemy.
Weapons sound as if they were in the very same room being shot next to you.
These are just a few examples of the incredible sound in the game.

Graphics have been greatly improved from the last game. There seems to be more color and textures are much smoother.

Overall If you are looking for Something better than Call of duty as far as the online multiplayer experience goes.
Then look no further.    

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